Check out what I'm wearing as I go about my day to day life writing, running my plus size design company  and of course being a parent.
I'm a plus sized chick who loves clothes and is making the most of what my mama gave me!
Never wait to be a certain weight or dress size to love clothes-its pointless. Just make the most of who you are today. Big hair, lashings of lippy and some beautiful outfits-the holy trinity of curvy girl glamour.
I'm not a model just an ordinary women who is happy in her own skin-Lets be happy together!

My brand new halloween tee

Peggy Sue

Midi Skirts And High Tops

Dead leaves and the dirty ground

Look magazine for Simply be

Trenzalor Tart

Earthfest Chic

Get your coat, you've pulled

I don't want to break free of this cage

Life is like a butterfly

Jumpsuit For Your Love

Check Mate

Bomber Jacket Betty

Something wicked this way comes

I'm a bad bitch no muzzle

Giving it the Lady V's

Do you want curves with that?

Kiss my big fat lips

No VPL Review

Clothes for the fat outdoors

Brand Alley

Orange Is The New Fat

Mutiny For Her Bounty

Playsuit Plussie

Camden Town

Chelsea Girl

Well tickle my tigerlilly

Plus Size Babe In Toyland

Lumpy Space Princess

Lindy Bop Betty

Simply Be Store Visit

A little rockabilly pug styling

Totally Tropical Flavour

Alright Petal

Baggy Trousers, Perfect Pugs

Kitten Grey Frocks And Beautiful Pugs

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

The Second Wave Of The Plus Size Revolution

Fade To Grey

My Love For You Is Still Unknown

She Had The Grace

Theremin Fantasy

It's Me Down To A Tee

Never Mind The Pollocks

Pink Palm Trees And Grey Gardens

The Blogger Is Present

Aldi Goes Plus Size

Bright Goes The Fatty

From Another Galaxy

I Stole Stevie Nicks Kimono

Back On The Chain Gang

The Beauty Of A Whale

Getting In A Sweat

Fat Florals

Vive Le Fatty

Spring Has Sprung

Hear Me Roar

One Bunny Jumper, Three Looks

Pink To Make The Fatty's Wink

Mothers Day Magic

Boohoo To You Fatty

Purple Layers With Added Wingz

I'm A Big Fat Fox

Look At My Comical Fat Legs

Doggy Woof Woof

Memoirs Of A Fat Geisha

A Dress Fit For A Princess

Just Blue Betty

He Used To Bring Me Roses

I'm All Yours

1940's Styling For The Curvy Girl

In A Tight Spot

Taking Shape

Jess Style Steal

Look At My Crown Jewels

Sexy Birthday Robot

Wet Look And Wild

If Loving This Outfit Is Wrong I Don't Want To be Right

Red All About It

Becoming A Chubby Mermaid

Twirling In Teal

Loving Lovedrobe

Lovely layers for my lady lumps

StarTrek Styling

Tartan Tart

Tickled Pink By Pink Clove

Have You Seen My New Boyfriend Jacket

Flaunting My Flab In An 80's Inspired Frock

Taking The Liberty

Liz Taylor Style In Gran Canaria

A dress thats like a dream

Liberace ears and panda pops

Comic Book Girl

Pocket Rocket Blogger Dress

Tiki Tastic In Collectif

Im Flaunting My Boobs And Booty In Excite

Getting My Curves Out For The Mexican Sun

Mexican Skulls And Hanky Hems

Fat Chick In Bodycon Alert

Ethnic Print Dress By Curvissa

Jackie O Inspired Loveliness


Breaking The Plus Sized Fashion Rules
Sick of being "encouraged" to wear black as its "slimming", Tunic tops to hide "problem areas" or just feeling certain clothes should be avoided due to your shape, well I'm here to blow a great big raspberry to that. Come on lets be plus sized fashion anarchists!

Learning To Love Your Self Little By Little
With the same attention to detail you spend looking at yourself and pulling at your muffin top and pinching your bingo wings take a really long hard look at what parts of you are actually quite lovely and lavish them with attention.

Finding Your Own Curvy Girl Style
My tips for feeling like a million dollars regardless of what size, shape or weight you are. Learn to love what you see in the mirror.

Special events can trigger many a style crisis for the plus sized babe. Here's what I do to ensure I'm never panicked into buying a tent masquerading as a party frock again.

Feeling Like A Belle Star

Cherry Baby

Geek Chic

Tesco's Finest

I say Yes To Horizontal Stripes

Im a leopard-Grrrrr

Its all about the beehive

The Loveliest Shoes In The World


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