Ive a mouth as big as my bottom and I sometimes need to share my thoughts.Make a cup of tea, get comfortable and lets put the world to rights.

Finding Your Own Plus Size Style

5 Plus Size Style Rules You Need To Follow Immediately

5 Facts that will shock you about fat bodies

The month magazines fell in love with Plus size

5 Fat Fashion Failures 
The mistakes plus size fashion brands make again and again.

4 Big Fat Things I Won't Be Doing This Summer 
Refusing to let the body bullies ruin my time in the sun.

When Fatty Got Married How ten years ago planning a plus size wedding was a masterclass in body shaming.

Five Big Myths About Fattys Newsflash we are not all jolly, we don't live on Big Macs and we don't hate thin birds.

Why Fat And Forty Is A Good Place To be For a long time its been considered the very worst thing to find yourself "Fat and Forty" but as a resident of the overweight oldie club Im here to tell you that actually it rocks!

Never Wrestle With A Pig Why this strange old saying can be applied so well to interactions on social media Read more

Strong People Can Be Bullied Too Its a myth that only children or week passive people get bullied. Strong confident people can also be targets Read More

An open letter to Stevie Nicks As Ms Nicks celebrates her birthday this weekend, here is my letter to her. Thanking her for being so magnificent Read more

Who decides whats plus size?
A recent article describes size 12 Alice as "plus size" I ask "Has the world gone mad? Read my post here

Daily Mail Journalist Samantha Brick claims "being fat is the ultimate failure" Read my response to this here

Pinging around timelines like hash tag wrapped hate turds, sometimes the trolls take over and boy were the hairy toed ones out in force last weekend Read more

Don't you just love it when you see someone turning fat bashing on its head Read more

I never liked Steps but I'm backing Claire all the way in the fight against body shaming in the press  Read More

Perseverance is usually a good thing but in some situations a graceful exit is the only way Read More

how I tackle the loss of  mojo Read More


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