Thursday, 9 February 2017

Cruelty Free Beauty Favourites

February definitely feels like a month for pampering. With Valentines around the corner, showing myself a little love in the form of skincare, make up and bath time treats has been keeping me happy on these dark cold evenings (which seem never ending)
Here are some of my Cruelty free beauty picks this month.

Proto-Col Collagen Technololgy Microdermabrasion Buy Here
This delicately light soufflĂ© gently polishes away dead skin cells and promises to "smooth the appearance of fine lines" 
Packed full of plant-derived collagen, coral seaweed and silk protein it has definitely left my skin feeling incredibly soft. Proto-col also offers a gentle exfoliation using crushed diamonds and pearls and if you feel your skin is looking a little dull due to central hearing and the cold weather it is definitely going to help.

I'm using this once a week and have definitely seen an improvement in my skin.

The Body Shop British Rose Body Butter Buy Here
This body butter is part of the British Rose collection which I absolutely love. I received this as a birthday gift and it not only leaves my skin as soft as a kittens paw, it smells divine. Forget any concerns about rose being too old fashioned, in this range it is just delicious. Like lying in a garden full of roses on a warm day. 

This lotion is so rich it probably wipes it brow on twenty pound notes.

 Superdrug make Up Brushes Buy Here
Proving yet again that you can be a huge brand and offer inexpensive cruelty free products, Superdrugs latest range of make up brushes which are cruelty free and vegan are fantastic. Super soft, quick drying and at around £4 per brush very affordable.

Kind, Affordable and high performance-perfect for the Vegan on a budget

I have been using the foundation brush, the fan brush (perfect for adding highlighter) the powder brush and the finishing brush. Even after multiple washes I have found they stay supple and haven't shed. I also love the skunk tail effect of the bristles-reminds me of my cat Dolly.

Lime Crime Venus Pallete Buy Here
I've been a long time fan of Limecrimes lipsticks and lip lacquers but this is the first eye shadow palette by the brand I have owned and its an absolute beauty. I was sightly unsure when it arrived how wearable the shades would be, but find I reach for it most days now.

I know it shouldn't matter but how pretty is this box

Having never considered wearing brick red shades or oranges I have been loving the colours Muse, Creation and Shell. they are extremely pigmented and so soft looking. 

I have used this so much I will be hitting pan anyday!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Shade Dollparts Buy Here
A hot pink liquid lipstick which is vegan and named after my favourite Hole song was destined for my make up bag.I have a mixed relationship with liquid lipsticks and this is one of the best ones I have tried in a while. Surprisingly comfortable, no cracking and lasts all day. I'm also eyeing a shade called Celebrity Skin, wonder if they do a shade called Huggy Bear? 

Shes a Star

Here I am wearing eye-shadow from the Venus palette and the Dollparts velour lip. Its beginning to feel like spring, if only on my face.

I look grumpy, I'm actually full of hope that spring is nearly here.

Check out my latest Youtube video here which also includes lots of Cruelty free make up recommendations.

The new Nicky Rockets Colouring Book is now available

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Mindful Chef-Easy Prep Vegan Recipe Box

Last summer I was asked by the team at Mindful Chef (a recipe box company based in the UK) if I would like to try their vegan options. 
I spent a very happy week working my way through a box of scrumptious fresh produce which also contained everything I needed to create some rather yummy vegan meals (watch my YouTube Video here)

They have recently started offering recipe boxes with less prep (perfect if like me you are often super tired at the end of the day) and asked if I would like to become a Mindful Chef Ambassador (or vegan Guinea pig) I was only too happy because the ingredients they prepare and send are always lovely.

This time around I received a box with enough ingredients for two meals (four portions each even though we are but three) and I had a great few evenings of putting together some really exciting meals ideas.

The first meal was a Californian buckwheat noodle dish. I was sent everything to make this including Tofu, Miso paste, carrots, soy and of course those Buckwheat noodles.

The prep on this was really straight forward and I threw it together following the incredibly simple instructions in about 15 minutes.
The finished dish was really tasty and very filling. We actually ended up being able to make this twice as their are so many ingredients so it represented rather good value too.

The next recipe was a caulirice biryani. I've never tried cauli rice before and conscious that too much white rice isn't that good for you, was keen to see what this vegetable alternative was like. it was really good, more like cous cous in texture but perfect with a vegetable curry. Yet again I was supplied with some beautiful veg including juicy aubergines, courgettes, curry paste and of course some chilli. 

The preparation was simple and the recipe cards really easy to follow. The resulting meal was again absolutely delicious and if you are fully vegan or would like to go plant based a few tomes a week adding a couple of the vegan options into your weekly Mindful Chef order is a great idea. 

if you would like to order you can get 25% off your first Mindful Chef order
Using the code BLOG 
I have also filmed making the Californian Noodle recipe for my YouTube Channel-take a look! 

The new Nicky Rockets Colouring Book is now available

Brand New "Love Your Lady landscape" Design  over at  Nicky Rockets

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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Ethical Plus Size Fashion-Outfit Inspiration

A recent Dispatches TV programme Undercover Britain's Cheap Clothes  has sparked more discussion about how  to source ethical plus size clothing. To see well known fashion bloggers and style influencers starting to ask questions about the origins of fast fashion makes me so hopeful and happy. 
I have written before here about how to incorporate pre-loved and independent clothing into a plus size wardrobe  and today's look is an example of the type of outfit you can put together, buying ethically sourced and second hand clothing.

One thing I often find is that tee shirts and short sleeved tops will fit me even in a size or two down because they have some stretch. As its sometimes harder to find bigger sizes in charity shops I will often team tee-shirts I find (like the one I'm wearing here) which include cool prints or fabric, with a plain long sleeved top underneath. It allows you to create warmer less casual looking outfits without worrying that they wont fit your upper arms. 
I fell in love with Lulu Guinness eyelash and doll face deigns a few years ago so have been trying to source something similar for a while. Making a list of items you covet is a tip I have shared before and it is crucial when trying to curate a stylish thrifted wardrobe. Knowing what you really want for your clothing collection (and when you start to think of clothing as items to be collected with love and care it really changes your shopping habits) will make you better able to spot special finds when attending clothes swaps, jumble sales or rummaging in charity stores.

My leggings are new and were purchased from PeopleTree so I know they are ethically made, my skirt is from a chazza and my shoes are from Vegetarian shoes so I know they are made in ethical conditions and don't include animal products.

 My hair colour and make up is also all Vegan and cruelty free. Why am I at pains to point this out?  Because I hope to show that choosing more thoughtful fashion and beauty doesn't have to mean you are compromising on style. 
I feel great in this outfit and the fact that I've left a slightly lighter ethical/eco footprint (with to be honest not too much hassle) makes me love it even more.

 These photos were taken during a promo shoot for the new Nicky Rockets Colouring Book 

We released Volume One this week and the response has been amazing-thanks so much for everyone's support.

Taking a more ethical approach to clothing doesn't have to mean relinquishing your love for style and fashion stories. I've never been more excited about the looks I'm putting together and feel I have really found my identity. It's a total win win and I'm so glad I've made this life change. 
if you are thinking about changing your approach to the clothes you buy and would like me to write more about this do let me know.

Check out my latest Youtube video here


Brand New "Love Your Lady landscape" Design  over at  Nicky Rockets

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