Wednesday, 28 June 2017


 Definition of warpaint
 A pigment or paint traditionally used in some societies,to decorate the face and body before battle.

Sometimes make-up is about projecting strength. Not every make up look needs to be about contouring and neutrals, isn't its nice to look to something loud and obnoxious for inspiration. Like a Warhol painting or the cover of a trashy vintage paperback like Valley of the dolls.

Twiggy by Warhol via pinterest
This week Sleek sent me the i-Divine palette to try. I love Sleek eye-shadows, cruelty free, vegan and incredibly pigmented. This latest palette is like a pop art explosion, hot pinks, bright blues and forest green. 

When using one block colour like a blue or green, I find sticking to a pale lip colour stops it straying into Girlsworld make up territory (although I kind of love Girlsworld make up, the hours I spent applying make-up to that severed head) it's a nice loud smudge of defiant colour which spits in the face of looking too well put together.

Isn't it great how this Fungus the bogeyman shade clashes with my pink hair. In fact despite being bedraggled by rain, this eye shadow refuses to budge. Which matters to me. No one has time for make up that will lift with the whiff of work. Equal pay, world peace and stay fast cosmetics that haven't been tested on sentient beings-my demands are endless.

This make up really deserved a 1960's Gogo dress but instead got an oversized jumper in Smiths green. I would love to say its a relic from my time as a backing singer for the Style Council in the early 1980s (the role I feel I was born to do if only for that bloody DC Lee stealing my thunder oh and being a child) but its fairly new and available from Very.


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