Saturday, 24 June 2017

Magical Organisation For The Summer Solstice

This week was the summer solstice. the longest day and always a time that leaves me feeling reinvigorated and excited to rush into the second half of the year.
Along with lots of plans and ideas which I filled up my journal with on that magical night I also decided on a few much needed practical areas that needing addressing in my life-including sorting out my craft supplies.
If like me you are a maker/sewer/crafter you no doubt know how easy it is to end up with box after box of supplies. My office has been overrun with ugly boxes full of ribbon, wool, fabric and all the shiny happy things I enjoy playing with when I craft. It's been in desperate need of a sort out. 
Marie Kondo in her book The Magical Art of Tidying Up says “Tidying ought to be the act of restoring balance between people, their possessions and the house they live in and you know, she might just be onto something. 

As luck would have it, the universe sent me some inspiration in the guise of the team at rattandirect who contacted me to see if I would like one of their lovely 5 drawer Abaca rattan storage racks to help get my crafty ducks in a row as it were.

I wasn't too sure what to expect but when the storage unit arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the look of it and how deep the five drawers are. The rattan makes the handmade unit look very natural and organic meaning it fits really well in any room. 
Aside from the odd lamp I don't think I've ever ordered big furniture online before but the process with rattendirect was so easy I would definitely do it again. Every order includes FREE delivery to mainland UK, with a 2 man white glove delivery service as standard and a choice of days for delivery. You even get a time slot for convenience so there’s no waiting in all day for the delivery to arrive.Properly wrapped it was also really easy to carry the unit up to my office without any scratches or damage. 

fabric swatches now have a home
It has really helped me feel more organised and focused to get all the boxes of stuff which I have been endlessly tripping over into drawers. I've also used the units top as a display area so its totally lifted the room.

You know how much I love candles so have been burning one of my newest ones on top of it as I sit typing away. Its the Chrome candle which was very kindly sent to Nicky by Yankee Candle for fathers day.  

These candles have been specifically created with woody and masculine scents. Reminiscent of a traditional barbershop, fragrances include Aftershave, Hair Tonic and Sandalwood. I've heard these refered to as "mandles" which made me laugh. one thing is for sure these are  a clean and modern twist on a classic, and the black glass tumblers with brushed metal lids make them a welcome alternative to the more chintzy style of candle we have all become accustomed to.
Yes it was meant for Nicky but I've rather co-opted it because it smells so good. Notes of cardamom, incense and cedar wood make it a really earthy scent which works so well on  summers evening with the window open. 

Setting up this little storage area was also the perfect opportunity to put up my bespoke sign which the wonderful Jill Strong recently created for me.

I absolutely love Jill's work and was so excited when she asked if she could create a bespoke sign for my office. I will be doing a separate post all about her work (she is not only an amazing designer but was also the UK's first female high performance motorbike tester and to top it all is a vegan, what a woman) but couldn't resist setting it up to give you all a glimpse (Jill also has an etsy store if you require any bespoke signs for your home or business)

My office is feeling so fabulous and it seems to be having the desired effect-the writing is definitely flowing.
Check out the beautiful range at rattendirect they currently have a summer sale on with 70% off.
*I never lie to you dear readers. I was gifted these items but opinions remain my own.


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