Monday, 29 May 2017

Vegan Truffles By TrufflePig

As a sweet toothed vegan who still gets the occasional pang for a slab of diarymilk I am always on the lookout for delicious chocolate based treats.
Trufflepig is a fairly new company who create the most gorgeous looking truffles which are surprisingly affordable. 
Containing no preservatives, hydrogenated fat or animal products the truffles are handmade in a Sheffield kitchen with a lot of love.
Trufflepig got in touch recently to ask if I would like to try one of their assorted custom boxes ( retailing at an incredibly reasonable £6.250) and being a #greedyvegan I jumped at the chance.

Pretty and ethical

The truffles arrived in a cute little brown box stamped with the Trufflepig logo (so ideal to send direct as a gift)  The packaging is sleek and pretty, wrapped in black ribbon. The real surprise though is inside. 
These truffles look absolutely beautiful. They may be handmade but there is nothing rough around the edges or folksy about the way they look. Put simply they are exquisite 


The flavours are also divine  raspberry and rose, peanut butter caramel and coconut and lime to name but a few, along with the more classic double chocolate, coffee and orange fillings.

Get in my belly
Unlike a lot of truffles (including my beloved Booja Booja ones) these arent too sickly. This is of course slightly dangerous if you are of a mind to only eat one or two a night but for sheer sweet, gluttony they can not be beaten.

if the look, taste and affordability aren't quite enough to make you want to try these, then perhaps the fact Trufflepig donate a percentage of each sale to an animal charity will tip the balance. Yummy with good intentions. What a wonderful combination. 


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