Friday, 19 May 2017

My Lottery Win Dreams Are Pink & Puggy

Most of us have played the "what would I do if I won the lottery game" imagining the changes we would make, the things we would buy if our numbers came up. I'm certainly no different. Often over time these dreams change but When I think about what I would do now, if for instance I won at the Powerball, my aspirations from ten years ago are pretty much the same. 

The House I Would Buy
Yes this is actually my house

Ten years ago Baba was only six months old, I was on maternity leave and I was overseeing new cupboard doors being hung on the old kitchen units (upcycling for the win) If I hit the Lotto jackpot tomorrow I genuinely think I wouldn't buy a new home. Instead I would get the loft converted into a studio for Nicky to paint in, would finally get the bathroom replaced and might get a new telly to replace the SD brick in our living room. I love where I live, the community, the fact Baba can walk to school, and rather than leaving my little sanctuary would simply give it a make over, pay off the remaining mortgage and carry on loving it. 

A Crystal Sink

Yes I know this is possibly the most impractical sink ever created and yes I would ensure the crystal was sourced responsibly, but let me have my lotto win dream. This is the sink I would like to wash my face in every morning and if my numbers came up its the one I'm getting.

All The Rescue Pugs

Since Mister Truffles joined our family I have been lucky enough to attend quite a few events by various pug charities. Pugs often suffer from lots of health problems due to how they have been bred (look cute, can't actually breathe) its a big issue and not one for this post but if I had excess income I would definitely spend some of it looking after as many of the unwanted pugs as possible and trying to help create meaningful change in the breeding practises of these lovely animals. Charity would play a big part in my lottery win dreams. I'm always keen to support charities that help vulnerable children and with the economy as terrible as it is would also love to do more to help the homeless on Merseyside. The food bank near me would be getting a lot of Tesco deliveries!


Book stores are my happy place (followed swiftly by record shops, yes we still have some of those in Liverpool) While I adore my kindle for when I go away or I'm travelling, the excitement of buying new books, breaking the spine, sniffing the paper smell and becoming vaguely giddy at what lies in side the pages is definitely something I would love to indulge more. My lottery win would probably be a great boost for Waterstones.

A Figero car With A Hybrid Engine

I have always loved the Nissen Figeros. I think they are discontinued but you still see the odd one around in mint green, pastel pink or duck egg blue. If money was no object I would gift Fifi the Fiat to one of my sisters, and get a Figero specked out with a Hybrid engine. Cute and eco friendly. Perhaps in this instance greed could be good.

A Pink Typewriter

I have always dreamt of a pink typewriter. There is something so satisfying about the clunk of the keys and the thought of having the time to write on something that requires ribbons and tippex really appeals to me. Its not a diamond I know but for me this would be so much better.

So those are my lottery win dreams. What would yours be?


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