Sunday, 7 May 2017


Let me introduce our latest Tshirt.  Ladies and Gentlemen – FAT CLUB  A  homage to the anti-establishment anti-hero Tyler Durden from Fight Club. 
The original Fight Club had only one rule  we don't talk about Fight Club  
At Fat Club we have decided on three rules for the price of admission and we are invoking no code of silence.

#1. First rule of FATCLUB – Be Your Best Self

You don't need to try and fit into some cookie cutter mould when it comes to your size and weight. You are not obligated to look a certain way to make other people happy. Be your best self, not a projection of other peoples demands. Wear what makes YOU feel good. Adhering to prescribed ideals of beauty are not a debt we owe for identifying as women. 

#2. Second rule of FATCLUB – F@*K the Haters

Do not allow those who view you as less than human because of your dress size rent any space inside your head. These people would happily see you hack off your insides to look thinner, they think disordered eating, poor mental health, bad self care are all the price fat people should pay to literally fit in with their world order. They have been asked to leave politely-they stayed, no more good manners.

#3. Third rule of FATCLUB – No Discrimination

The membership policy of Fat Club is very clear. Anyone can join regardless of size but we tolerate NO DISCRIMINATION. No skinny shaming, no gender bias, no homophobia, feminism must be intersectional, no abelism, no CIS white agendas, you get the picture. Be cool.

Your Life, Your Rules – ‘Viva La Fatclub’

Brand New "'Fat Club " Design  available  only  at  Nicky Rockets


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