Monday, 1 May 2017

BitchyBoo Park

Spring is here and whilst my love of all things candy coloured never dies (have you seen my hair) I'm also loving adding a little pastel goth action into the mix this month.

 This Junarose Crochet Maxi dress is kind of perfect for this look. Layered with crystals and other witch bitch accessories it flows and drapes beautifully and with its mesh arm details allows those all important tattoos to be on show.

I'm all about wearing my hair in space buns at the moment-just one step closer to fulfilling my  goal of looking like a real life cartoon.

I'm a barefoot wild woman, breaking the most revered traditions. I know my looks don't conform to what society tells us is beauty, and yet as I stir potions in my cauldron (insert wicked cackleI delight in my own reflection.
Run free fellow plus size wild women-lets howl at the moon, and revel in our juiciness.


Brand New "'Socially Awkward" Design  over at  Nicky Rockets

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