Wednesday, 10 May 2017

All That Glitters...Vegan Glitter Eyeshadow Review

I absolutely love glitter eye shadows, the more pigmented the better. As always my quest is to find cruelty free versions of my old favorites and this week I've discovered a rather lovely glitter eye shadow gel which is twinkly and kind to animals.

Its from Flawless Beauty and is part of a beautiful set consisting of three stunning glitter eyeshadow gel pots and an eye shadow brush for perfect application.

Each set includes three beautiful shades Enchanted which is a Metallic Teal 
Iced which is Metallic Pale Blue and Dusk which is a Holographic Dusky Rose.
I'm wearing Dusk in these photos and as you can see its very wearable. I've just added it to my lid over a fairly neutral eye shadow base and its twinkly but subtle which is perfect. For a more dramatic look you can simply add more.

Created with HD cosmetic grade glitters the glitter is ready to apply so no adhesives or glues are needed

One thing I really like about these glitter gels is that they don't feel scratchy on the lids at all. They are enriched with soothing aloe and seaweed extract to condition skin and are suitable for all over body use

In terms of staying power its pretty good too. As a gel you do get the dreaded crease build up after a few hours but the good news is there is no glitter fallout (especially good if like me you wear contact lens)
The sets are £15,handmade in small batches at the Flawless beauty workshop in North WalesCruelty free and Vegan they contain no sulphates or parabens 


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