Monday, 10 April 2017

Vegan Easter Eggs

Easter is nearly here and whether you plan to spend it at church, take a more Pagan view and will be focusing on renewal (that's me) or just plan to enjoy the long weekend, one thing that's inescapable is our association with this holiday and eating chocolate eggs.
As a Vegan you might think options are limited but as with so many things, the landscape for dairy swerving folk is brighter than ever before. There are quite a few eggs available which contain no animal products, including some from your local supermarket. Do not fear, the Easter bunny visits vegans too. Here is my pick of the top four vegan Easter eggs available to buy this week.

Venchi Luxury Italian Chocolate Egg with Friendship Bracelet Buy here

Available from one of my favourite places to buy vegan confectionery veganTown, this egg is absolutely delicious. It contains a hazelnut praline centre, and really creamy chocolate (similar in taste to Vego bars) This is such a pretty egg and the box is also beautiful with a delicate floral design on. The thing that really sets this egg apart though is the gift inside. A gorgeous friendship bracelet. If you have a luxury loving vegan in your life, this is definitely the egg for them.

Booja Booja Large Kashmir Gift Egg with Almond Caramel Truffles Buy Here
Connoisseurs of Vegan chocolate will already be familiar with Booja Booja truffles,they are always in gorgeous  boxes and so delicious. These eggs are very expensive at £25 each but, they do come in a hand painted decorative wooden egg. A keepsake which will last even after the Easter bunny has hopped away.

Moo Free Original Organic Easter Egg with Buttons

Moo chocolate is probably the closest you will get to traditional milk chocolate so is usually very popular with vegan kids (Baba loves them) The Moo eggs this year are without a doubt the best value dairy free Easter eggs you will find. At under a fiver and available from most large supermarkets (and your usual health food stores) they are perfect if you have got to buy lots of young relatives Easter treats.

Tesco Free From Chocolate Egg With Coins

Another bargain dairy free egg. The Tesco Free from Easter egg isn't very exciting to look at but, tastes very good indeed. It also has chocolate coins which I hadn't eaten since becoming vegan so were greeted with some excitement at Chez Pamper and Curves. Another good basic egg which at £4 won't break the bank or harm the cows!


 However you spend Easter have a wonderful time. 

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