Thursday, 20 April 2017

Purple Rabbits And Pink Beehives

I've recently been binging on Mad men  (its been added to Netflix) and falling in love with Joanie's style all over again. The sassy secretary, who becomes chairwoman of the board, offers a masterclass in how to look put together, but still have fun with fashion. Of course this has meant I have been channeling all kinds of 1960's vibes into my outfits and today is no different.

 The lovely team at LindyBop, knowing my love for hares sent me this Corrine Purple Rabbit Print top and with its Pan Collar and clashing colourway its perfect for my current vibe.

 I know some of you find the LindyBop sizing confusing. This top is XXL but is actually too big for my size 18/20 frame. An XL (or a tight fit large) would have been better. I've fixed this by tucking it into my past season pleather skirt (because why wear a beautiful living creature when you really don't have to) Part of the loose fit is because I have very small round shoulders so if you are wide across the back you might prefer the upper sizes.

Don't you just love how fashion allows you to dip between the decades like a clothes obsessed Time Lord!

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