Sunday, 16 April 2017

Pretty In Peggy Porschen

Last week I visited a cake shop and bakery which could have been created simply to share on Instagram. In an age where every other cake shop seems to think a wilted flower in a milk bottle makes its social media gold, I did fall madly in love with Peggy Porschen in London's Balgravia

Marie Claire magazine reckons Peggy Porschen makes the "best cupcakes in the world" and whilst the lack of vegan offerings means this statement remains unchallenged (by me at least) my fellow afternoon tea guests gave glowing reviews to the cakes, pastries and milkshakes on offer.

What is indisputable was how gorgeous this place is. Decked out in all its Easter finery, the compact but bijou space was a feast for the eyes. Jars of coloured almonds nestling next to ceramic bunnys, fresh flowers picking out the pastel colours of the decor and a chandelier almost as wide as the ceiling.
There is not denying this place is an Instagram posters dream and I definitely became slightly snap happy.

Whilst I sadly couldn't eat any of the cakes I took full advantage of the cafes extensive drinks menu, and enjoyed a delicious cold fruit tea full of blueberries as well as a yummy hot chocolate made with almond milk (with a polka dot froth)

My reason for visiting this candy coloured place of loveliness was to catch up with some lovely plus size bloggers and chat about all things Curve Fashion Festival 
 Along with founder Zoe Ellis and social media manager Hollie from Pretty Big Big Butterflies we made some exciting plans with Lottie Lamour and Hayley from Curves and Curls

shame I didn't open my eyes but how lovely do these other ladies look!

Ive been helping out with the festivals PR and its shaping up to be such a wonderful event. For more details check out the website for dates, news and of course tickets.

The new Nicky Rockets Colouring Book is now available

Brand New "'ATTICUS ROCKETS wizard bar and grill' Design  over at  Nicky Rockets

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