Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Fashion Revolution Haulternative

April 18-24 is Fashion Revolution Week - a time to use our voices to "transform the fashion industry into a force for good". Marking the Rana Plaza collapse on April 24, 2013, Fashion Revolution Week calls on bloggers, vloggers and other socials to publicly answer the question #whomademyclothes and present alternative, more sustainable approaches to the traditional haul video or blog outfit post. 
I have put together lots of outfits over the last few years using second hand clothes and you can see my round up from a year of not buying new clothes here 
 I do feel its very important to point out how poorly served plus sized women are by ethical clothing companies. 
At a size 18/20 I struggle to find anything in my size which isn't either incredibly expensive or just not very fashionable and, the selection is incredibly small. To my mind there are two conversations we need to have:
1: How can we shop in a more ethical sustainable way while enjoying fashion and style. For me following fashion is a creative outlet and an important part of my identity. Having felt marginalized all my adult life as a fat woman I refuse to feel shamed about wanting to indulge this. I am not a monster though and also don't want the clothes on my back to have been made in misery. 
2: When ethical clothing brands stock so little for women who are over a size 14 how can we be expected to make a significant contribution to this movement?  I think we need to keep the pressure on for brands who already stock plus sizes to invest more in ethical fair working conditions and for those brands exclusively making "ethical" clothing,we need to keep telling them that we will buy some if its available in our size. 
Lets keep this conversation going but make no mistake its twice as hard for plus size women to make ethical clothing choices.

Its not all doom and gloom though. There are some ways we can contribute. Including thrifted and second hand pieces in our wardrobes is one route. Buying something from ebay or a charity shop does mean one less item of clothing is going into a landfill and cuts down on the demand for so much fast fashion. Its not perfect but its a start.
With this in mind I thought I would combine a haulternative with some of my fave thrifted finds and nifty customization ideas. 
I love customizing clothes, you can give existing pieces in your wardrobe a lift and turn generic charity shop clothes into something worth voguing in.Watch my video here.

Struggling To watch This Embeded Video-Click here

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