Sunday, 12 March 2017

Unicorn Cruelty Free Hair Dye With Superdrug

The team at Superdrug recently sent me a whole host of hair dye goodies from their Pick & Mix range. I have been particularly  excited to try these as they are cruelty free, vegan and offer a whole rainbow of colour choices. Whats not to love.

Along with my usual Pink Pizazz shade from Colour Freedom (which is my go to pink) they also included a yellow, coral, purple and  blue. In addition to the colours they also sent me a chalk finish product to add to the neat dye so I could create muted soft variants on each colour.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade and when the postman brings you a rainbow of hair dyes then I think the challenge is to create unicorn inspired hair. Challenge accepted-here is how it turned out.
I have been using the pink shade of colour freedom for a while so was already familiar with the constancy and strength of the product. These dyes are incredibly user friendly so ideal if you are an inexperienced hair colourist 
For my unicorn themed hair I asked my friend Leanne to help and we first of all created a base coat of light pink underneath, then we sectioned off my hair. 

Using the chalk finish (which has the consistently of conditioner) we mixed some soft pastel shades and using foil created strips of colour.

Attractive back of the head shot
I left it on for about thirty minutes and was left with some beautiful muted shades. As I like my hair to really "pop" I did go back over the blue and purple shades again to build on the rainbow hues.

The resting bitch face would be more effective if I wasn't wearing cat ears
How pretty are these colours-I am particularly loving the greens and blues

What I really like about the Pick & Mix range is that it can create really soft shades (ideal if you just want to ombre your ends or add a few streaks) but if you reapply or leave on longer it creates a more pigmented look.
In terms of colour stay these colours last about three weeks but I do wash my hair a lot as its very fine so if you are a once a weak washer you will probably get longer. My hair is pre-lightened with bleach as my natural colour is quite dark.

Its so exciting that a high street chain like Superdrug are bringing out such affordable, cruelty free hair dyes. It allows me to indulge my unicorn hair cravings without toppling my vegan princess crown.
The Pick & Mix range is available from Superdrug
I also filmed a Youtube video of how I created this look-here it is.

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