Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Mindful Chef-Easy Prep Vegan Recipe Box

Last summer I was asked by the team at Mindful Chef (a recipe box company based in the UK) if I would like to try their vegan options. 
I spent a very happy week working my way through a box of scrumptious fresh produce which also contained everything I needed to create some rather yummy vegan meals (watch my YouTube Video here)

They have recently started offering recipe boxes with less prep (perfect if like me you are often super tired at the end of the day) and asked if I would like to become a Mindful Chef Ambassador (or vegan Guinea pig) I was only too happy because the ingredients they prepare and send are always lovely.

This time around I received a box with enough ingredients for two meals (four portions each even though we are but three) and I had a great few evenings of putting together some really exciting meals ideas.

The first meal was a Californian buckwheat noodle dish. I was sent everything to make this including Tofu, Miso paste, carrots, soy and of course those Buckwheat noodles.

The prep on this was really straight forward and I threw it together following the incredibly simple instructions in about 15 minutes.
The finished dish was really tasty and very filling. We actually ended up being able to make this twice as their are so many ingredients so it represented rather good value too.

The next recipe was a caulirice biryani. I've never tried cauli rice before and conscious that too much white rice isn't that good for you, was keen to see what this vegetable alternative was like. it was really good, more like cous cous in texture but perfect with a vegetable curry. Yet again I was supplied with some beautiful veg including juicy aubergines, courgettes, curry paste and of course some chilli. 

The preparation was simple and the recipe cards really easy to follow. The resulting meal was again absolutely delicious and if you are fully vegan or would like to go plant based a few tomes a week adding a couple of the vegan options into your weekly Mindful Chef order is a great idea. 

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I have also filmed making the Californian Noodle recipe for my YouTube Channel-take a look! 

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