Sunday, 26 February 2017

I Don't Follow Fashion-I Follow My Mood

The last few weeks have been dominated by London Fashion Week. I'm usually quite excited to see what's going on,but this time around I've felt surprisingly detached from the coverage. I absolutely love clothes and the art of dressing but increasingly, am not that interested in trend led outfits.

Its not a negative feeling, I think its just a natural evolution of stepping away from non stop fashion blogging into a more emotion led, creative approach to dressing.

Now when I get dressed in the morning I don't pause to wonder if my outfit will be "on trend" or fit into the ideals of what is currently dominating the catwalks or style blogs, I listen instead to what my heart is telling me.

Listening to my heart

Its an interesting approach but  I actually feel I  nail my personal style more regularly now I am consulting my own emotional compass rather than the pages of Vogue or the latest hot thang on instagram.

Today I feel happy and cute so my outfit reflect that

Don't misunderstand I will never be a fashion hater. Its like a dazzling sparkling friend I used to be in thrall to, who I still love to see, but no longer hang onto their every word.
I'm more likely to be inspired by an old postcard or movie or a book Ive just read. My outfits seem to reflect my feelings, if I feel vulnerable I might wear a soft, relaxed over sized number that doesn't pinch or constrict,  if  dark sapping moon vibes are filling my heart chakra then I will reach for a Wednesday Adams pastel goth outfit. Now that I am only consulting myself, I never worry about judgement, if I look shit, I only have myself to blame. I've never been cool, I'm just me and for the first time I'm realising that's absolutely fine.

My main accessorie is dog hair-forget Rose gold its al labout fawn

Its incredibly freeing to dress this way. How I dress is all about me, how I see myself, not how a designer sees me (or not as the case may be, so few designer clothes have ever trickled into plus size collections)
Today's outfit is such a good example of this. I'm just really happy today. My heart is bursting with spending time with my family and so I'm wearing a skirt which has heart shaped pockets and is in a beautiful bright print (its the Bernadette from Lindy Bop)  My top is a past season ballerina type number from The Sprinkle of glitter Simply be collection. I brought it and could never figure what it should be worn with, now I have this skirt its like a  marriage made in heaven. 

Some people are naturally stylish, they interpret trends like a UN translator. I am in awe but its not my path and that feels pretty good.

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