Monday, 9 January 2017

Fabulously Flamboyant Interiors

Over the last few months I have started to refresh and rejuvenate my interiors. I like to change each room depending on the season, usually using throws, candles and cushions for a temporary switch. Recently though I have actually started repainting and changing the furniture for more permanent make-overs. I feel like a snake that needs to shed its creative skin every few years and my pinterest boards are buzzing with inspiring images.
I find ideas everywhere-a feature wall in Babas room was sparked by a candy striped sweetie bag whilst my recent desire to bring in more indoor plants was inspired after I found some images of the home of Biba's Barbara Hulanicki circa 1975
Biba Styling

Small luxury hotels are often good sources of ideas too. I stumbled across an amazing looking boutique hotel recently which is situated in Newcastle and its has certainly got my creative juices flowing. Called The Rosebery its not only dog friendly but absolutely stunning.
 I got in touch to say how much I was loving pinning their images and they turned out to be readers of my blog too- so we are now exchanging upcycling and decorating ideas galore-serendipity or what.
Anyway here are some pictures of their beautiful interiors. I'm loving the boho touches and the lush, juicy approach they have taken in their decorating.

I actually remember my Nana Pam having these kind of lights on her walls in the late 1970's. I thought  they looked impossibly glamorous then and still do. 
If you would rather change things up in a less permanent way than attaching light fixtures then take inspiration from The Rosebery and use some as table lamps instead. Its like Barbra Cartland came back as a light fitting!

My mum (who like me is a bit of a compulsive decorator) has recently embraced bird themed wall paper and I love it. Here The Rosebery have stopped it looking too chintzy by adding a rather pop art inspired bright blue bird lamp stand. 
Its a good approach if you feel you may have crossed the line from full on print perfection to design overkill-throw something slightly ironic or jarring into the decoration mix. Some sour to balance out the sweet.

You may remember that last year I decorated my kitchen pop art pink (see project here) and I am on the lookout for a small metal or wicker sofa to go in there (My freecycle alerts are set to stun) I love how The Roseberry has used union jack cushions on their love seat. A little Britpop influence. Were you Blur or Oasis?

I adore my small little home but will always hanker after a claw footed tub. I had thought my bathroom too small for one but after seeing how The Rosebery have worked one into a fairly small space I am wondering whether it might be possible after all. Boutique hotels often offer great ideas for creating very luxurious bathrooms in small spaces. Also whats not to love about the pink feet!

If you are looking to create a slightly Alice in Wonderland feel to a lamp create a stacked teapot and china cup base like the Rosebery have. My project on how to make a China Tea cup cakestand is a good point of reference.

One thing that is always the same in my home is that I like the bedrooms to be as flamboyant as possible. Chintzy, Parisian and with more scatter cushions than you can shake a stick at.The Bedrooms at  The Rosebery are a masterclass in Marie Antoinette chic. 

At the weekend Nicky raked up the leaves and the back garden is begging for some TLC. I love the little pink garden chairs and parasol at the Rosebery and its making me determined to give my postage stamp garden some well deserved TLC (you can see my post about Ideas for small gardens here)

If you are planning some home makeover projects this year I hope this post has given you some ideas. The Rosebery Hotel is situated in Jesmond and I am definitely planning  a visit in the summer-and Mister Truffles can come too!


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