Thursday, 12 January 2017

A New Approach To Plus Size Fashion Blogging (maybe)

 I've been doing this plus size fashion blogger thang for quite some time. I will never grow tired of design or style but I am a bit bored of always doing the same poses in the same kind of locations for the same kind of images. If as a blogger I'm trying to show clothes in a more relatable way surely that means that sometimes I should show them as they actually are in my actual life?

I don't spend my life hanging casually by graffiti walls or giving fierce stares down empty roads, I spend my life working, cooking, laughing, tidying, lounging. So as a bit of a change I thought I might do a few posts where if I have new clothes to share I photograph them in the environment I'm actually in-not in some chosen artificial blog worthy setting.

 Its actually quite nice to show clothes in the kind of environments they will be worn in.
I'm conscious that lots of us (me included) read blogs for inspiration and escape and that seeing me mashing potatoes in my new shoes might just be too dull-lets give it a whirl and if we all hate it I can revert back but for now, I kind of like it. 

Today I have been chained to the laptop and am now helping Nicky clean down screens after an epic printing session. we are working on some really exciting idea that I can't wait to share. We took these shots whilst taking a well deserved break. I smell vaguely of lemon screen cleaner. 

Outfit Details
Varisty Top  Pink Clove
Black Leggings People Tree
Shoes Veg Supreme By the Vegertarian Shoe Company

Check out my latest Youtube video here


Brand New "Dead Curvy" Design  over at  Nicky Rockets

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  1. I love it. The taking of pictures in real places. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Cara-its nice to mix it up a bit I think.

  2. I love this idea! Pretty pictures are always fun but can be difficult to live up to. I'm old enough to remember when blogs were a slice of real life. Good times. X

    1. Thanks Beth, yes I remember the first blogs I really loved often featured people in their bedrooms or back gardens and it was very unpretentious.

  3. Love this idea & really hope to see you mashing potatoes in a ball gown one day! I would love to do some more natural shots but I rarely have a willing photographer when out & about and no time when at work get some one to take a few pics. I need a minion ...

    C xx

    1. You know I now have to do a shoot where I'm mashing potatoes in a ballgown-ha ha ha love it!

  4. I actually really love this idea! While I do adore some of the beautiful images some bloggers have, I also know, in reality, most people don't like that life! My blog images have always been rather boring background wise because I don't drive, I take the images myself and i'm quite shy. I think showing off your outfit in an area where you would actually wear it is brilliant and also fascinating!


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