Friday, 23 December 2016

LoveLily Fragrance By Accessorize

I always like to change my perfume to match the seasons and as the winter solstice passes and cosy nights beckon I've been hankering over a strong floral scent. Light enough to wear in the day but with a little added drama that warms to the skin under my layers of jumpers.

LoveLily by Accessorize fits the bill perfectly. Featuring notes of raspberry, orange, jasmine and vanilla its sweet without being cloying, floral but sliced through with citrus. It is simply gorgeous and I've received so many compliments since I've started wearing it.

The glass bottle incorporates a really beautiful floral cap and looks so pretty on my dressing table. 

At £19.99 this is a great idea for a last minute gift and best news of all-its cruelty free. yes you can smell delicious knowing you are only making the world a nicer place. Perfect!

*I never lie to you dear readers-I was gifted this item for review but my opinions are my own-it really does smell gorgeous.

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