Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas Gifts For Under £20

Its the big Christmas gift rush this week and  time to start having a look at whats out there to put under your tree.
Before you dash off to the usual big high street stores take a look at some of these beautiful gifts which are all made by independent UK brands.None of them are more than £20 aand some of them are less than £2.
 If you want to stop the shopping landscape becoming a homogenized beige mass the one thing you can do is vote with your wallet and buy from local shops or independent retailers.

Here is my pick of some fab gifts that would be well received on Christmas morning and will help an indie brand owner continue to live their dream into 2017.

Corkcicle Tumbler

If like me you  take a hot drink on your commute you might like the Corkcicle  Tumbler It’s cup holder friendly making it ideal for road trips and keeps your beverage cold for up to 9 hours and cools for 2 times longer than a plastic tumbler. This eye catching cup will also keep your hot drinks warm for up to 3, great if you often forget your tea!

Strange Brew  Soap Co
If you are looking for cruelty free bath bombs, bubble bars and soaps check out the Strange Brew Soap Co The packaging and themes are rather Gothic and fragrances simply awesome. 

My favorites are the "bah Humbug" bath bubbler which smells of "mince pies and mean spirits" (it really does smell like mince pies)

 I also love the "Arsenic and old lace" soap which is scented with freal rose petals and earl grey tea and The Nevermore black bathbomb which is scented with Absinthe.

Being A Dog

Imagine yourself in the mind of your dog. How would you view the world, other dogs and other animals? How would you see yourself? What would make you happy, excited, fearful or angry? if you need a gift for a doggy mad freind or relative  then the book "Being A Dog" by Karen Wild is perfect.
More than just a dog psychology book, this includes the latest scientific research accompanied by enlightening illustrations that give a unique insight into what it's like being a dog from the dog's perspective. We have loved using this book to work out whats going on with Mister Truffles.

Vegan Festive Lipbalm Giftset By Fairypants

If you are looking for a vegan secret Santa gift this festive Lipbalm kit by Fairypants is perfect. The balms are scented with gingerbread, candycane and Irish cream. Perfect for keeping your lips super soft for any mistletoe action you are planning on this year.

Lifes Big Canvas Badges

For stocking fillers that are cute, witty and thought provoking, hop on over to Life's Big Canvas These are only £1.50 each and will be a delight for all the riot Grrls in your life!

Personalised Bottle Opener The Good Little Gift Shop

Getting an everyday item personalised is a lovely way to ensure your Christmas gift is useful as well as thoughtful. These personalised bottle openers are only a tenner and a fab way to let the beer belly in your life know you love them.

Unique Christmas cards Phil In the Box

If you after a personalised Christmas card then check out the amazing Phil In the Box by simply sending a head shot of whoever the card is for,they can feature in a Harry Potter themed card, a walking dead zombie Apocalypse or any other art, cinema or cultural reference you can think of. Phil created this amazing card featuring Baba as Hermione from Harry Potter and we absolutely love it!

Handmade Wreathes by Floral Frippery

If you are after a themed creative Christmas wreath which you will be able to use for years to come then head on over to Floral Frippery 

The wonderful owner Mary can create any style, design or colour you would like and her wreaths are so reasonable starting at £15. Mine arrived in the post and looks amazing on my front door.

Nicky Rockets

I hope you will indulge a little shameless self promotion. Over at Nicky Rockets we have tons of Christmas gift ideas. Everything from hats, prints to tee-shirts. Nothing costs more than £20 and its all made by us in the UK. Sizes Small to 5XL in everything!

Whatever you buy or receive this Christmas have a great holiday. I also filmed a video on my Youtube channel of this gift hail so if there is anything you would liek to hear more about or see more closely hop on over and have a watch.


Brand New "Dead Curvy" Design  over at  Nicky Rockets

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