Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Where Are The Plus Size Zombies?

Every relationship has key components in it which make it work. Mine with my husband Nicky is that after watching an episode of The Walking Dead he will indulge the following conversations 
Me:"considering the obesity epidemic there are not many fat zombies" 
Nicky: "Maybe they got eaten brains and all because they were the most juicy"
Me: "Probably but even so where are all the size 22 undead, clawing at the windows, the elastic of their leggings rotting along with their flesh, their Simply Be coat which they were so pleased had pockets hanging in tatters on their putrid but chubby shoulders?"
Nicky "Shall I draw you one?"
Me: "Yes please"

And so "DeadCurvy" was born (or reborn if you want to carry the zombie metaphor all the way) A plus size zombie who is a lady on the street (minus some bodyparts) and a freak at the human buffet. 
Sure she may no longer have brain activity and OK she has walked away from her vegan lifestyle to snack on humans but she is still sassy in a cadaver kind of way.

As usual we are offering zombie goodness in all the sizes (because in the zombie apocalypse will any of us give a shit if we are a size 8 or a size 28-Life lessons people) and you can get vests, tees, slash necks, long sleeves, we are even offering prints. Its a embarrassment of fat zombie riches and I couldn't be happier.

And the good news doesn't stop there. Its free worldwide shipping until tomorrow (yep an offer that is actually on payday-take that Blackfriday and CyberMonday) You can shop at Nicky Rockets Here


Brand New Crazy Cat Lady Design  over at  Nicky Rockets

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