Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Girl With The Dragon Jacket

I've been lusting after satin bomber jackets featuring Japanese inspired embroidery for a while. The contrast of the luxe shiny satin with the preppy bomber shape really appeals me.
I wanted one that was a pale soft pastel shade so when I found this little beauty at Hyper Japan by the French brand Aoi  it seemed to call to me.

Who could resist a jacket the colour of a macaroon featuring a very impressive God like dude on the back? Not me. 

This jacket works so well with everything. I'm wearing it to death at the moment despite the fact its freezing and I should actually be wearing something fleecey and sensible.

Today I've worn it with a past season floaty pink ballerina skirt and a hand printed top by 1 of 1 design who produce some really beautiful clothes.

Its not escaped my notice that its also matching my hair and my new lipstick. I'm definitely not too pure to be pink.

I used to be unsure how well bomber jackets would work on my frame but I've now decided I love them. A lovely lady even stopped me in the street today to say how much she liked it-result.

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