Friday, 11 November 2016

Ignore Stevie-Don't Keep Your Visions To Yourself.

For many of us life feels uncertain. On an International level we see a world that appears to be falling apart, on a UK level we have a post Brexit hangover, an un-elected prime minster and many people so poor they are using food banks and deciding whether they keep warm or eat. Its hard to be positive when you feel powerless and increasingly I think a lot of us do.

I'm a great believer that when the world at large seems full of bigotry, hate and selfishness the responsibly for individuals to be even kinder, more generous and more understanding is even greater. When each of us throws out a love bomb, helps out a fellow human and stands up for others who are feeling vulnerable or marginalized we make a difference, a huge difference.
Often its hard to feel we can help others when we feel so out of control of our own lives and this is really what this post is about.
I've been a fan of vision boards for a long time and use them whenever I feel my life is just generally falling off track. 
Some like to make there vision boards on pinterest but I'm old school and enjoy printing out images, cutting out words from magazines and writing on mine in colorful pens.
I used to be quite vague in what I asked the universe for, slightly put off by the materialism attached to "The Secret" and always wary that if I asked for a bucket load of cash I would get it via compensation when a bucket fell on my head. 

The problem with being coy with your vision board is that you are denying what you really desire, if you don't state clearly what you want, how the hell are you, the universe or anyone else going to know what to give you.
A few years back I created a career vision board and for once decided to be really prescriptive. 
I cut out pictures of beautiful home offices but also of grand buildings, I wrote words like "self employed but with a pinch of security" I asked for a part time job that was not only creative but wouldn't expect me to work all day every day, Having been left feeling burnt out by all the Gordon Gecko "Greed is good" approach of the corporate world I was clear I couldn't work with sharks again and I needed to be in an environment where equality and feminism informed the power structures.
 I asked for at least two days a week to write and help run my other business. I also asked that all these ventures allow me to collect Baba from school and be with her during the holidays.
At first glance this seems like the shopping list of a self entitled dreamer, but nevertheless I pinned it to my office wall and everyday looked at it, sent out that wish to the universe and (this bit is crucial) started doing the heavy lifting on my side to try and make it happen. 
People get confused and think that by simply putting together a vision board everything will magically happen. In my experience the harder I've worked, the luckier I've become but I still believe that by sharpening my focus via a vision board and setting clear intentions I have been able to achieve what I wanted.
I asked to work in a beautiful historical building-I think we an safely say the universe delivered.

I was prompted to write this post as I walked into my beautiful part time job today. I am so blessed to teach part time at a glorious university, whose emblem is made up of suffragette colours and which was the first university to allow women to study. I balance a really rewarding teaching life with my own writing, social media and of course running a small business with my bearded partner in crime. Is my work life balance perfect? hell no, did I get exactly what I asked for? Well yes I did. 
Feeling adrift, need clarity? My advice is break out the glue stick, the scissors and some magazines and start making a collage of dreams-you never know they may become reality.
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