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Five Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas (Including a Harry Potter and David Bowie inspired one)

Creating handmade Christmas gifts is such a lovely thing to do. Its thoughtful, can be more environmentally friendly (if you upcycle things you already own) and if you don't go mad in Hobbycraft can be cheaper too. 
The important thing is to ensure that the handmade gifts you make are actually created with the person in mind. Crochet scarfs are beautiful but if your sister is a label bunny who wouldn't be seen dead in your Doctor Who  inspired neck warmer its just a waste. 
One way to combat this is to think about the person you are crafting for and really try and include some elements that are totally individual to them. A singer they love, favourite colour, their hobby. It will show that you have really given the item some thought and chances are it will be cherished, not hidden in a cupboard.
Here are five ideas I've recently created, mostly from items I already had lying around. For detailed step by step instructions take a look at the video below.

Mermaid and Crazy Cat Lady Decoupage

Decoupage (the art of sticking pictures onto items and then varnishing over them to create a glossy finish) is a really simple and effective way to create customized items for your friends and family. Old beauty boxes are great for this (you can create pretty jewelry boxes) but here I have used an old vase and gravy boat, to create gift holders. 

The crazy cat lady gravy boat was first painted and decorated with polka dots. I also made a gift tag using an old label from a dress and a scrap of ribbon from something else. 

With the vase I simply painted in any chips and then added some mermaid pictures. I've filled both of these with beauty goodies (MUA make up starts at a pound a lipstick and is cruelty free and these facemasks are also a pound)  and will finish with a cellophane wrapping.

David Bowie Photo Frame

if you are working to a budget tinier than a mouses nose then this is the project for you. I had this frame already and simply added glitter to it with PVA glue-I fixed the glitter with hairspray so it wouldn't shed. I then found a picture of Bowie on Pinterest and added a few lines of one of his songs from Labyrinth as this is for my best friend who had this song as her first dance at her wedding. You can print out quotes, make a photo collage or reproduce a poem-in a decorated frame it makes a lovely gift and will cost you only a few pence.

Pop Art Cushion

if you are fairly hopeless at crafts but still fancy creating a unique gift then this is the project for you. Here I've just used a cushion I already owned and hot glued on a sequined patch which I found on ebay for only a few pounds. It took minutes and looks really cool.

Harry Potter Gift Box

This has probably been my favorite gift project this year. Its so simple but will be such good fun for the HP fan in your life. Here I simply covered an old cardboard suitcase that had belonged to Baba in brown paper (you can get these for a few pounds at places like the works or use an old shoe box or beauty box instead)

I found some free Harry Potter printables online and glued those on too and have filled it with some very inexpensive Potter merchandise from Primark. If you are feeling super crafty you could even make your own wand from a twig. 

If you don't have the money to buy any HP stuff make a little hot chocolate kit by putting some hot chocolate powder in a clean jar, including a bag of marshmallows and a handwritten "cosy" spell. All delivered by owl post of course.

I hope you have enjoyed these Christmas Craft ideas. I would love to hear what you plan to make over the festive season. My video showing you all the steps for these projects can be viewed here, and if you like this please subscribe to my channel.


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