Monday, 10 October 2016

You Are Important

Today I want to tell you something you may have forgotten. A tiny wisp of information that might have got drowned out by all the noise created by modern life.

You are important 

Its so easy when you view your life through the distorted optics of social media, television and magazines  to feel that your life is small. 
Looking at other peoples worlds can be inspiring, but can also leave you with a feeling that the things that make you happy, your day to day existence isn't that interesting and you are not really very important.

I'm here to call bullshit on that idea. If the popularity of blogging, vlogging and social media influencing has proved anything, its that one persons ordinary, is another persons inspiration.

Just because your day to day existence isn't peony filled, candle lit and Instagram filtered doesn't make it any less wonderful. Why? because your messy, imperfect, reality contains you and you are one of a kind.

I'm sharing these pictures to accompany this post because they illustrate a recent event where I decided that my "small,local" life was actually more wonderful and inspiring to me than something that might well be more social media worthy.

Last month I attended a local event called "EarthFest" 
I go every year, its really special to me. Its about my local community coming together to pledge a gentler approach to this world we inhabit. Its a day of folk music, art, food and gathering. 
This year it clashed with a major plus size fashion event, an event that is considered pivotal in any plus size bloggers calendar, a glamorous, wonderful event that should probably be a priority on any plus size bloggers agenda.An event that even a year ago I would have attended in favour of a glorified village fete.

The last few years have seen me prioritize where I put my energy, who I invest time with and I've started to realise that the small, not very glamorous, unbragworthy things in my life are often where the magic is.

Attending Earthfest in a dress by Oxfam, catching up with friends, being with my family, watching the dog be silly, these things  are important. Its the unstaged, un-photoshopped, everyday experiences that give us meaning and substance. They are interesting and yes important.
So if you catch yourself feeling that your week hasn't been really very exciting, especially when compared to the photos and videos you have seen from others on social media, remember you are important and wonderful and what you do is awesome.
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