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Vegan Make Up Brushes By Flawless

Since becoming a Vegan earlier this year I have been slowly but surely replacing my make up kit with cruelty free products. As a qualified make up artist I take my make up brushes very seriously so have been looking into which ranges are Vegan (including the glue used) but hadn't found any that seemed to tick all my boxes.

PETA approved make up brushes
When Flawless approached me to see if I would be interested in trying out their new range of Vegan make up brushes I was very excited (PETA approved make up supplies have that effect on me)  but also nervous that they wouldn't pass my exacting standards.
Sure I want products that don't harm animals (that's a no brainer)  but I also want soft brushes, no shedding, quick drying and hey if they look good too that's a bonus.

Absolutely Flawless

Flawless very generously sent me their entire range of brushes, everything from buffing brushes, foundation brushes to more detailed shadow and hard angled brushes.This allowed me to really put the collection through its paces.
 I've used this set for the past four weeks doing my entire face and am happy to report I absolutely love them.
Beautiful and sustainable

Looks wise these remind me of my Bobbi Brown  brushes.The handles are made from sustainable sourced bamboo (no nasty plastic) so feel really sturdy in your hand and are easy to grip. The ferrules used are made from recycled aluminium too so the environmental footprint of these brushes is far less than your average. The brushes are classically ombred so you can see at a glance what colour product you are dipping into.

The brushes are synthetic and incredibly soft. Being synthetic rather than animal hair they are very porous so a little product goes a long way (rather than going into the brush) this ensures make up application is really smooth and they are incredibly easy to clean.

Buff, Buff

I spot cleaned the brushes after every use and have deep cleaned them twice. I've experienced no shedding and they dry really quickly (good to know if you are considering these for your professional kit) 
The Base Set
I thought that all the brushes performed well but particularly loved the blending brush,buffing brush and powder brush, all of which are contained in the base set which is a very affordable £19.99 My foundation is definitely going on better and looking much smoother when I use this duo.
Price wise the brushes individually start at £8 but there are some great sets available staring at £15-perfect if you are slowly replacing your make up brushes or just need to replace a few.
I really loved these brushes and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them if you are looking for high quality, Vegan make up brushes. Buying cruelty free make up products is such an easy way to ensure that the joy of painting our faces is not contributing to another creatures suffering and who wouldn't want to be part of that.
You can shop for Flawless brushes here-free UK P and P on all orders.

*I never lie to you dear readers-I was gifted the items in this review, but my opinions are not for sale.

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