Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Vamp Noir Makeup Kit

For me October is definitely the month where pastel lipstick and neutral shadows are set aside and an altogether more dramatic make up look takes over.
The lead up to Halloween is usually just the excuse I need to start playing with glitter eye shadows and pigments too. Anything with sparkle looks so good under candle light.

Vamp It Up
I am obsessed with all things vampire so when I saw that Freedom make up had brought out a kit called The Vamp Noir claiming to contain everything you need to be a beautiful creature of the night, I had to try it. 

  At £8 this is an affordable Halloween make up treat and contains some lovely products. Red eye glitter, a quad eye-shadow containing a red, purple, brown and granite shadow, a red gel eyeliner, red lipstick and matching lip-gloss. 
Everything you need to become a glamorous creature of the night

I've never used Freedom make up before so wasn't sure what the colour pay off would be with the eye-shadow and was pleasantly surprised. I tried it over some Urban Decay eyelid primer and found it was surprising pigmented. 

Freedom-A lovely Gothic treat

For the look I've created for these pictures, I used the red on my lids, the purple on my sockets and the darker grey colour at the outer colours. It blended well and was quite long lasting. 

The red lose glitter is a beautiful colour and worked really well on my lids for a magical intensity. You can use glitter fix or clear mascara to keep the glitter in place.

The red gel eyeliner is very smooth and worked brilliantly as an under-eye liner to give me a vaguely other worldly look. 

The lipstick is a classic blue toned red and is very creamy in consistency. The matching gloss worked well over the top and really gave my vamp look the finishing touch it needed. 

I loved the look I created with this kit and if you are looking for an inexpensive addition to your winter party make up kit its definitely worth the price of admission.

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