Monday, 3 October 2016

House Of Strange

Unusual or surprising; difficult to understand or explain.

I've always been attracted to Strange. The unusual, the unconventional. Autumn with its Halloween celebrations, darker evenings and Gothic skylines always seems to encourage my love of strange even more. I root out classic novels like Jane Eyre and Rebecca and let the unexplained, the oddness take overPerfect to read by candle light while tree branches tap on your window like ghostly fingers.
Its little surprise that Nicky Rockets has brought out a tee-shirt celebrating all things weird. The season really demands it.
House Of Strange features a bat with ducks feet wearing a fez. A perfect amalgamation of things that shouldn't fit together but do, in a beautifully odd way.

Putting together Autumn outfits is always so much easier for me than summer looks.Partly I think its because October lends itself to eclectic styling. Its still warm enough for tees and light tops but I can get away with lace tights, ankle boots and layering. Vintage tea dresses can be worn with bobby tights and worn cardigans-no one bats an eyelid-its the season of strange.

Today I'm wearing my House Of Strange tee with some lacy black sleeves by Wingz (these are so useful for getting wear out of your tees in the cooler months) Investing in add on sleeves is another easy way to make your wardrobe work that little bit harder.

People are strange-isn't that wonderful.
I've got a stretchy skirt which I've had for about a million years, some lacy footless tights which I think were from Taking Shape a few seasons ago and these rather jaunty new lace print Juliette ankle boots by Ruby Shoo which are ticking all my Madonna eighties pixie boot boxes at the moment. These are so comfortable and work with everything.

How adorable are these boots by Ruby Shoo-No leather or suede either.

I guess being a fat woman in an age that worships the thinner silhouette makes me strange anyway and I am totally OK with all that brings. Lets embrace our quirks, our oddities, we don't all need to fit in,we are not a stack of Tupperware.

I don't fit in-And that's OK

The House Of Strange Design is available in various styles of tee-shirts and vests in S-5XL because strange comes in all shapes and sizes.Click here to buy


Brand New Witch Designs  over at  Nicky Rockets

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