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6 Ways To Banish Negativity

For those of you who are particularly affected by the cycles of the moon you may have found the last Libra moon very intense. I for one felt like I was encountering  lots of negativity and people were giving out all kinds of aggression on the roads, on social media, even in supermarkets.

The good news is tonight's Aries moon is going to push through it all like a ram with its horns and should give us all a fiery boost to move forward with our plans, hopes and dreams.
Dealing with negativity can sometimes feel like an impossible task so I thought I would share some of my tried and tested approaches which never let me down.

Tip # 1 Listen To An Uplifting Podcast
getting my Pod Cast On

Sometimes I find when the negativity hits, social media only exacerbates it. When I feel like this I download some of my favorite podcasts, busy myself with some tasks which don't require a screen and allow myself to take on a another perspective. Right now I'm loving Everyday Awesome by Alice Walker, Big magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Happier by Gretchen Rubin.

Tip #2 Give Yourself Permission To Hide
None shall cross here

I'm  bad ass grown up woman, witch mama and all round warrior queen. I feel I have a duty to bear witness to what is going on in the world  and to this end I read all the news, watch all the videos but sometimes its too much and I need a break. There is a saying you can't pour from an empty cup and  I can feel when I am hitting the reserve tank and need to go to ground. For me this means switching off the news, leaving the paper unread and losing a few hour watching something magical and escapist on Netflix (Charmed anyone) it usually takes less than 24 hours for me to be back on fighting form, ready to don my wonder woman cape and get back to the business of being a feminist thorn in the side of the patriarchy.

Tip #3 Advocate For Yo Self

If someone in your life is forever leaving you drained, encouraging the negative glass half full part of your temperament to thrive, or takes tiny swipes at your state of well being,do yourself a favour and be your own best bitch. 
If they are a social media buddy hit mute, a work colleague who is the resident psychic vampire, keep dealings with them brief. Women throughout history have got themselves into a pickle by being just too god damn polite. Advocate for yourself and give those Negative Nora's the swerve.

Tip #4 Use Some Crystal Healing

When I get that feeling, I need Crystal Healing

I find wearing certain crystals or even putting some by the side of my bed or in my car can drastically alter my mood. When I'm feeling particularly negative I use Selentite, smokey quartz and Red Aventurine, I've also recently really been feeling the power of Sungite and have taken to wearing one during this turbulent month-wow it works.

 Tip # 5 Make A Pilgrimage
Yes I'm paddling in freezing cold water in  leopard print coat

The idea of visiting a holy place is as old as time and there is a reason why. Travelling to somewhere famous for its healing powers is quite literally a tonic for negativity. I visited the Chalice well at Glastonbury last year and found it incredibly healing as I recovered from a year of absolute fuckery. I paddled in the freezing waters, drank from the lions head fountain and allowed my tears to mingle with the freezing stream. Since then I've made it a regular part of my well being MOT. I visited Glastonbury in the summer and am thinking of tootling over to St Winifred's well before Christmas.

Tip # 6 Dive Into A Good Book
Book Worms Are Sexy

When negativity comes a knocking its often a sign that you have been a bit too much "Netflix and Chillin" and not enough "reading and thinking" Binge watching TV can be relaxing (see my earlier admission of mainlining Charmed) but to really get your head screwed on right I recommend losing yourself in a book, and no not on your kindle, I mean go to Waterstones or better still the local library, get all giddy at the prospect of what to buy and walk out laden with a bag full of ideas, dreams and adventures.

I hope these tips have helped offer you a few action plans for when the "mehs" have got a grip of you. of course often the simplest way to change your mood is to connect with another human, so if you can, reach out to the person you know has always got your back (hello Leanne) and take them for a coffee. 

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