Thursday, 1 September 2016

TailorTab-Helping You Find The Perfect Plus Size Fit

I have written again and again about the frustration of trying to order plus size clothes on line when the sizing from brand to brand can differ so wildly. Which is why I was quite excited to hear about a new online shopping technology called TailorTab
TailorTab is a browser extension and app that helps online shoppers compare the sizing of the items they are about to add to their basket to items they already own.
Its a really simple process too, you simply have to sign up once (oh and did I mention its free) add in some details about your usual measurements, what size you take at certain brands as well as your height and the clever TailorTab app uses that information to guide you when you shop.If you are about to order a pair of trousers at Asos for example, it will suggest by a percentage  how based on your past experiences that brand will fit and will offer you a different size instead. Its very clever.

TailorTab is already set up for tons of retailers including Asos, Studio 8, John Lewis and Evans and they are adding more every day.

The TailorTab team are also really keen to include the plus size community in to the development process as they fine tune it. They understand that the plus size online shopping experience is a unique one so if you have any feedback or would like one of your favourite brands included then drop them a line.
I think this is a really smart idea and am excited to see it rolled out. Currently it works as a chrome extension and an  iphone app is available.
You can check out TailorTab Here
*This is a sponsored post-all opinions though are my own.


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