Monday, 22 August 2016

Vegetarian Shoes

When I was recently in Brighton I visited the Vegetarian Shoes shopNicky already owns some of their boots and I was keen to get a pair of my own. 

The store in Brighton is a lovely space full of fabulous shoes all created without using animal products.
 Although a lot of shoes on the high street  are "accidentally" vegetarian as they are made of plastic, you can never be sure what glue is used and of course you have no way of knowing what conditions they were made under.
 All of the Vegetarian shoes are made in English and European  factories where fair wages and good working conditions are standard. 

Cool shoes made in good conditions-its a win/win

This is particularly important to me, remember that in China where so many running shoes are made, authentic trade union activity is illegal and the working conditions of many factories have been exposed again and again to be almost inhuman. 
And its not just trainers. various high street shoe brands have found themselves on the Burma Campaign UK’s ‘named and shamed "Dirty" list  (The ‘Dirty List’ exposes companies that are directly or indirectly helping to finance Burma’s brutal military dictatorship) its hard to get too excited about this seasons "must have" heals if you suspect they were made in misery.
Being able to shop for shoes that will harm neither beast or human is an absolute joy and I spent a very enjoyable hour trying lots of styles on.
I was after another pair of trainers and after trying on a few pairs settled on the Veg Supreme Hemp Lo Tops

My new trainers, already covered in mud and dog hair-standard

As the name suggests these sneakers are made from hemp canvas with a fake suede heel to toe bumper.The soles are made of rubber and they are incredibly comfortable.

Looks wise as with most of the range they are very simple (which works for me) but if you like your trainers on the blingy side you may find the brands aesthetic slightly too functional. For anyone who needs a wider shoe (I have very chubby feet) these are nice and wide so would be fine if you usually opt for a EEE fit.

Price wise these are just a smidge under £75 so comparable with a pair of Nikes. 
I've worn these on my feet most days since we came back from Brighton and I'm a total convert. I suspect these wont be my last pair of Vegetarian shoes.
My outfit is a striped jumper by Hennes which I picked up from Oxfam and a cord New Look skirt which was an ebay bargain. My bag is from Asos (last season)

After a bit of a slow start I feel I am really finding my ethical fashion groove. Its really not that hard and knowing that I am doing my little bit to make the world a less horrible place makes me so happy.
Would you wear vegetarian shoes?

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