Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Vegan Cafes on Wirral

Over the last few months I have visited some great cafes that offer tea,cake and sandwiches for hungry vegans.
Its wonderful to see so many local cafes starting to offer vegan options and wherever we can me and my band of brown eyed plant lovers like to support these places.
So without further ado here are just a handful that have been keeping us fed and happy recently. My picks of the best Wirral vegan cafes.

Lovelocks Unit 6 Old Haymarket, Liverpool 

This is such a cute little cafe. It isn't exclusively vegan  (and isn't Wirral as its at the Liverpool end of the Birkenhead tunnel) but offers a great vegan soup option, a yummy pulled pork style jackfruit sandwich and on the day we visited a delicious banana bread cake. It also has such a good atmosphere, live music, attentive staff and very cool 1970's style crockery. Small but perfectly formed.

Hardys Kitchen 80 Banks Rd, West Kirby, Wirral 

Hardy's Kitchen is just around the corner from me, so when I heard they were offering a Vegan afternoon tea I had to check it out. This is a really nice coffee shop and the afternoon tea although on the pricey side (£12.50 per head) you really are presented with a feast. We went the first time they offered it and apart from a slight hiccup at the beginning when they gave us dairy milk for our tea, the rest of the meal was beautiful. Finger sandwiches, scones and a really moreish carrot cake.the staff are so nice and for a bit of a treat I would definitely recommend booking.

 Blooming Skulls 138 Bebington Road Wirral 

 Only opened for a month Blooming Skulls offers a fantastic selection of coffees and herbal teas (fairy wing tea anyone) and some good options for the vegan diner. I ate avocado on sourdough toast and had a banana and peanut butter flapjack that was rather nice indeed. Cool books and artwork feature as well as some rather good tunes. Bebbington must wonder whats hit them.

Blackberry Grove 3 Grosvenor Rd, New Brighton

 New Brighton is becoming such a lovely place to visit nowadays and even more so that there is Blackberry grove which offers vegans so much choice. 

I visited there for the Sunday lunch and it was really good. We also ate an incredibly rich chocolate cake which was amazing. 

We have been back since and sampled the jack fruit burger too which is also good. 
Its so heartening to see so much choice on offer for Wirral vegans and if you visit any of these places after reading this review please let them know you have eaten there because they offer vegan options. 

You can even order these great little cards  to leave next to the tip jar. 
Let me know your favourite places around Merseyside for vegan food-I would love to discover more and if you are a cafe or restaurant offering vegan options do get in touch with me 

*I wasn't paid to eat at any of these places, nor were my meals complementary. My review is simply based on how good the food was, how nice the atmosphere is and how affordable. 

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