Tuesday, 30 August 2016

My Big Fat Fairytale

Last week the sun was shining and we decided to visit the beautiful Trentham gardens. Situated near Stoke on Trent this wonderful historical garden features fairy sculptures, a lake designed by Capability Brown, wild flowers and a statue of Medusa getting her head cut off-it really is quite something.

We have been all about fairies recently as Nicky has been working on a brand new fairie design for a tee-shirt. For the last few months, old Victorian photographs, dried flowers and lots of pictures of iridescent wings have been strewn around the house.

My Flower Girl
As luck would have it the first batch of tees had been printed the day before we visited Trentham so me and Baba snatched them off the printing table and wore them for our day out.
It turned out a tee-shirt was just what the witch doctor ordered as it was a glorious day. Clear blue skies with a gentle breeze. A perfect English summer day.

Getting my fairie fashion on

I completely understand why Alan Titchmarch called Trenham a "must see"garden-it really is quite magical. We walked around the lake, kept company by gliding swans and chirping birds and did our best to find all the hidden fairy sculptures dotted around the plants and trees.

Standing in  a fairy ring

Other than the very modest entrance fee we didn't spend a penny, we ate a picnic of squashed sandwiches and warm cola under a tree and felt like we were in a Jane Austin novel (Mr Darcy didn't come out of the water in a white shirt sadly) Sometimes the simplest days out are the best.
Lady of the lake
I'm loving this faerie design-the green tees are made of bamboo-another eco friendly material-how clever is that? they are so soft as well.
My skirt is an old hennes one and Babas was made by the very talented A Rose Like this. You can buy the new Fairie design here Its free P & P today too.

I also filmed our visit for this weeks vlog which can be viewed here


Brand New eco and vegan Designs  over at  Nicky Rockets
Printed on climate neutral, fair trade tees in water based ink. 

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