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What Supplements I Take To Support My Vegan Diet

A question I often get asked since embarking on a vegan diet is "do you need to take additional vitamins?"

Although I had been a vegetarian for years (and avoided most dairy) I didn't embark on the switch to a completely dairy free diet lightly. I read up on what vitamins I needed to make sure I got a good balance of everything I needed (either by foods or supplements) and am always mindful that I'm boosting my immune system in as many ways possible. Lots of vegetables, fruits, juices and yes I hold my hands up, I am a green juice w****r.
In addition to this I also use a few other supplements. These all work for me. I'm neither a doctor or nutritionist so I take no responsibility for anybody else's health, but in my humble plant eating opinion these few little things work and for a busy mum with two jobs in her mid forties I feel pretty fine and dandy. 

Holland & Barrett Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral Tablets Buy Here

My vegan all rounder
This multi vitamin came recommended from quite a few long term vegans. Its great value, contains no animal products and delivers a spectrum of vitamins including vitamin A,B12, Calcium, Iron and vitamin D. Unlike a lot of vitamin tablets this one doesn't make me gag either.

SuperfoodLX kelp and spirulina hair growth vitamins Buy here

Containing Kelp,algae and Spirulina this supplement is formulated  to promote faster stronger hair growth and improve nail strength and skin vibrancy. My hair has recently been bleached and dyed pink so I wanted to give it some TLC from the inside out. Both myself and Nicky have been taking this and definitely feel that our hair and skin is miles better. The biggest improvement for me since taking these though is my nails. They are strong, don't break and look really healthy. 


BetterYou’s B12 Boost Oral Spray Buy Here

This is a fairly new addition to my regiment but I'm really liking it. Just like anyone else I have days when I have less energy and feel a bit tired so this energy boosting spray packed full of B12 is just the thing. As it delivers the vitamins in spray form it absorbs into your bloodstream quicker too. Lets be clear this isn't like having two espressos but it definitely helps get you through the final push when you are feeling a bit depleted.


The P Question
You know the joke about "how can you tell someone is a vegan? give them 12 seconds  and they will tell you" well I have an addition to this. "How can you tell someone isn't a vegan? they will ask where you get your protein from". 
Its the bogeyman of plant based diets-the lack of protein. Its actually all good and vegans get protein from lots of other food sources but in the spirit of sharing my tips here are two products which help me get a big owd injection of quality protein with no moo involved.

easy peasy protein

Chai seeds Buy here

These little beauties are packed with high quality protein. I sprinkle these on my cereal, soya yogurt and of course chuck them into my smoothies. You can get them from most supermarkets and Holland and Barrett but also keep a look out in Home and bargain who have recently been getting these and coconut oil in. Great for us budget conscious vegans.

Pulsin Pea Protein Buy Here
I brought this at Tescos as it was in the reduced aisle and absolutely love it. It isn't flavored so is great to add to stews, soups and sauces. Just a few scoops is all you need. So quick and easy. 
Obviously there is so much information out there about adding protein to your diet so do check out other resources too-and if you have things to recommend I would love you to comment.

*Disclaimer if you are considering embarking on any diet change or adding new supplements to your diet speak to your GP first.I'm a blogger not an MD.

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