Saturday, 9 July 2016

Spa Day For The Soul

I love the occasional spa day. Spending time out of my usual routine, being self indulgent is a rare treat and one that I don't get half as often a I would like. I'm also a total sucker for anything involving yoga, mediation and crystals. So when Kapucia a yoga and well being centre offered a "Spa day for the soul" I was definitely intrigued.

Now that's a gong
The event offered a full day of yoga, meditation, a crystal healing workshop, a seminar on "The secret", a talk on eating "raw" and a gong bath. Yep it was a pretty full schedule of omming and navel gazing. Perfect.

My soul is ready for it spa day
The event started at 10am on a saturday morning and took place at Kapucias studio in Liverpool. This is a really beautiful space and feels more like a spa or beauty treatment room than yoga studio. Soft lighting, fresh flowers and lots of candles.

The whole space felt very zen
The opening session was really lovely. Gentle Hatha yoga poses to limber us up and make us really relaxed and a Yoga Nidra Meditation. I definitely felt the outside world melt away as I concentrated on my breathing and stretched away the tensions of the outside world.
getting my yoga on
Next it was a workshop on "The Secret" which discussed the concept of the laws of attraction and the idea that you can manifest things (both good and bad) by how much you think about them. I'm really interested in this idea and have a copy of the book "The Secret" I definitely think there may be something to it. 
I'm a bit conflicted about some of the more materialistic aspects encouraged by some practitioners of the secret (the whole asking the universe for a car thang doesn't sit well with me) I kind of feel we need more healers and light bringers than Gordon Geckos. Self advancement seems to get us in a pickle. Definitely food for thought.

the lovely Nicola Powell-Crystal Queen
The next workshop however totally blew me away. A wonderful lady Nicola Powell gave a a workshop on crystal healing. Telling us about the history of wearing and using crystals. We also learnt which crystals work for different needs and also spent sometime putting crystals on our chakras. I felt really energised and could have spent all afternoon listening to Nicola. She is  a crystal queen.
Feeling good after a Chakra cleansing-my third eye is wide open baby
We were then served a beautiful raw vegan lunch by the resident chef Jen Kelly. I have never tasted Courgetti like it and had a hard time believing they weren't normal noodles. Jen also gave us a short talk on how to incorporate raw meals into our diets with some great quick recipes including overnight oats (which I have since made and they are delicious)

Wow this food was good.
The rest of the afternoon included a seminar about how to "raise your vibration" (discussing how a  combination of physical health, thoughts, emotions and beliefs can impact your energy)  a quick talk about Ayurveda and finished with a sound bath. A sound bath involves lying in a darkened room whilst various healing musical instruments are played around you.The idea is that the sounds and vibrations really help you switch off and relax. I actually found it a little intense but think I was maybe a little blissed out after a fairly intense day of treatments and workshops.

Instruments for the sound bath

At £80 it definitely represented great value as you got to try so many things and as an alternative to a normal spa day it was a nice change. Personally I felt there was maybe a little too much going on and I would have liked time after each workshop or treatment to reflect a little and really absorb what I had just learnt about. That said itt was a wonderful escape from the daily grind and as a way to spend a Saturday certainly beat traipsing around a shopping centre or doing the weekly shop.

My Crystal Wishlist-Give mama all that healing

Kapucia are holding various events including another Spa day for the soul throughout the summer. For details visit their website

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