Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Life Has Got Busy (and I'm loving it)

Life recently has been really busy. Its the summer holidays so I'm now on full time mama bear duty (hi-five to Holly Webb and her Maisie Hitchins series of books, Baba is obsessed) 

Last summer was a bit of a washout-Nicky was very poorly and I was basically just trying to get through each day without becoming totally unraveled. 
Fast forward a year later and its a much happier scene. Nicky is back to his beardy best and the business Nicky Rockets is thriving. 

What a difference a year makes
This week we brought out a new mermaid design and its been incredibly popular. Seeing people get excited about our designs is just the best thing in the world.

We are working hard to make our little indie as eco friendly as we can so have now started printing all our designs on climate neutral, fairwear tees using water based inks. Its taken a lot of time to find the right suppliers for the tees (because we will always cater for up to a 5XL) and printing in water based inks is a bit trickier than plastisol (although Nicky has totally cracked it now-he is a printing ninja) but this is a business we really want to grow and we don't see why our ambition can't also compliment our beliefs regarding being gentler on the planet.
I don't think we are unique in wanting to make a living in a creative, independent way that doesn't put profit before people or the planet. Its actually a great business model and far from seeing a downturn since we started incorporating more of our values into our brand, we have actually seen it grow. People are generally good and do give a crap that we don't exploit people for fashion, or destroy the planet to make clothes. Its a no brainer (or maybe we just have incredibly cool customers, I am very much open to that idea) 

We also brought out our first vegan tee shirt last month. Bee Vegan Features a cute little honey bee wearing goggles and tattooed wings, we wanted to have one design in our range that gave a nod to our life as vegans. Veganism brings us so much happiness and a real sense of being at peace with the whole cycle of life so its been fun to have a design to celebrate that.

Mister Truffles warming his fawn butt
Summer wouldn't be summer without some campfire singing and toasting marshmallows on the fire so we have just invested in a fire pit which is already a massive hit. 

Hubble, bubble

Sitting around it, chilling out and putting the world to right after a busy day has become my new favourite thing.
I have some lovely blog posts planned, reviews, recipes and yes (are you sitting down) even a few outfit posts. I'm hoping this will be less of a "cruel summer" and that we can all have a lovely few months with the sun on our faces.

Weekly Wish List

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Brand New eco and vegan Designs  over at  Nicky Rockets
Printed on climate neutral, fair trade tees in water based ink. 

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