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How To Make Social Media Your Bitch

Social media is increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives. Whether you use it to promote your business, stay in touch with family or its an integral part of how you make your living, the chances are that by the time you read this you will have already had a quick glance at your Facebook timeline, maybe looked to see whats trending on Twitter or caught up with some hilarious snaps from your latest snap chat obsession.
I was an early adopter of social media and am constantly amazed and grateful at how much it has opened up the world to me. It has helped me connect with so many like minded souls, keeps me up to date on events and gatherings I would simply never hear about otherwise and feeds my head with information, opinions and perspectives which would probably not be open to me otherwise.
It can be a double edged sword though. About a year ago I found myself no longer mistress of my social media feeds but more its bitch. I vaguely dreaded opening up my laptop and would feel mild anxiety when logging onto facebook. As someone who not only has their own business to promote, a blog to share and who makes a living as a social media manager this was not a great state of affairs. One day after an hours surfing had left me feeling emotionally depleted I decided I needed to totally overhaul my approach to all things internet. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. Here are my five top tips for how to make social media your bitch.

#1 Remove What No Longer Serves You

The hardest thing for me to accept was that my social media was exactly that "mine". You are under no obligation to be friends with people who are of no interest,or more importantly people who are drama llamas or bad vibe merchants. If someone just wants to spam your feed with sales pitches for juices or fibre mascara, or never interact with you except to be a bit snarky just unfriend them. Ask yourself if you were in a crisis and were stranded on the motorway with no petrol in your car, or were running late so needed someone to collect your kids from school would any of these people be on your call list? If the answer is no and they get on your nerves-delete baby.

#2 Hit The Mute Button

Twitter and Facebook have two very important options for when someone who you actually quite like is doing your head in. On facebook its the "remove from my feed" option and on twitter its the "mute" function. If for whatever reason you need to create some space between yourself and someone who you genuinely like, just adjust your settings accordingly. Muting people on twitter seems to be associated with being a bit sly but its a really smart move if someones feed is really making your eye twitch but you know that in general they are cool and you definitely want to interact with them again. Instagram is more tricky, its a do or die situation. If you need a rest from someone just unfollow them for a bit-you are allowed to refollow them at a later time. Its only a phone app, not Sophie's choice. Keep it in perspective.

#3 Work out Your Negativity Triggers

If your social media interactions are actually feeling quite toxic you need to acknowledge the part you play in this. Its easy to decide that everyone else is being negative and argumentative and you are just innocently getting dragged under the wheels but is that really the case?  Its totally human to occasionally grab the popcorn and watch some social media "drama" unfold (Jeffrey Star and Kat Von D anyone? ) but if you allow yourself to become embroiled in online arguments, bitch fests or twitchforking on a regular basis, even if its just as a rubbernecker ask yourself how healthy is that for your state of mind? Likewise if following someones life often leaves you feeling a bit "meh" about your own, examine why that's the case and if you cant get past it, just stop looking. Scroll past sweetie, see it wasn't that hard.

#4 Curate Your Social Media Feed

So you have identified what you don't like to see, had an honest conversation about what triggers your mood from happy to hideous and exercised the mute button a little. Now for the fun part, creating your very own curated social media feeds that leave you feeling enriched, uplifted and inspired. 
The great thing about this exercise is that its all about you. Think about what you like to read about, the people you follow that always inspire you or post intriguing thought provoking content. What do you need to get from your social media that you cant get else where? I like to follow strong smart women who challenge the patriarchy and walk to the beat of their own drum, I also need me a big owd fix of spirituality and of course fashion and art and big doses of news. These now saturate my social media and its a thing of absolute joy.

#5 Create Your Own Social Media Mood Board

Think of your online spaces as a pinterest board. You wouldn't pin pictures of things that didn't inspire you, excite you or which frankly annoyed the shit out of you would you? Its exactly the same thing. You are the architect of your own social media hub, what looks back at you is a direct reflection of what you have chosen. If it doesn't look good, is draining or dull its your fault. The good news is with an hour of so of tweaking you can turn a toxic mind dump into a peonie filled Paradise.  Mine is decorated by flower garlands, punk rock lyrics and vegan feasts, it rocks. 
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