Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Cruelty Free Skincare Jojoba Oil

Beauty reviews they are like buses, I don't do any for ages and then two in as many days.
I am probably a nightmare for PRs sending samples. I refuse to review any skincare unless I've used it for at least eight weeks-not the snappy release date campaign strategy that is so favored. Whilst this approach might make me a bit of a tortoise in the review stakes remember that it was the slow shelled round one who won the race and today's product is a definite winner.

This small but mighty little pink bottle of oil has been part of my routine for three months. Before I tried this I hadn't had much luck with facial oils. They either made me break out or left my skin feeling sore. I didn't really "get" the fuss, preferring a more traditional moisturiser.
All this has changed since I started using Jojoba and rosehip oil by the Jojoba Company

Cruelty free, organic and entirely vegan (it literally has two ingredients, Jojoba and rose hip-that's it) this nifty little product has actually been keeping the hag at bay for women for years. The Jojoba plant is native to Southwestern North America and was highly valued by the Native Americans of the Sonoran Desert as a potent balm for skin ailments and a skin restorer. Having seen the difference its made to my skin I'm not surprised.

You only need two drops of this oil on your skin for your entire face to feel as soft as a kittens paw. It sinks in quickly, leaving no oily residue and doesn't sting.

Oiled up and ready to go

Its fragrance free and feels very natural and nourishing. I've been using it morning and night (its fine under make up) and my skin feels really good. Soft, no blocked pores and no dry areas. Its magic. I'm finding as I get older I want my beauty products to be as natural as possible-I spend so much time trying to make sure I only put organic, good stuff into my body it seems daft to them put lots of chemicals on my skin.
Available at Holland and Barrett for £20 this is a really affordable addition to your cruelty free skin care regime and it definitely delivered for my skin.

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