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Budget Cruelty Free Cosmetics-Make-Up Revolution

Finding cruelty free vegan cosmetics that wont break the budget is a bit of a passion project of mine. I think lots of people want to do more to eliminate animal cruelty (or at the very least not contribute to it) with their purchasing but aren't sure where to start or think it will limit their options and be really expensive.

Increasingly this isn't the case though. Quite a few drug store brands include cruelty free items within lots of their ranges,a fact many don't seem to publicise.
Superdrug are a bit of a cruelty free hero on the quiet. Lots of their in store brands are not only cruelty free and vegan but also arent sold to China (where archaic and painful tests on animals are required for cosmetics) great news for us beauty junkies who want to fill our make up bags without harming defenseless creatures.

Make Up Revolution-Budget Conscious Cruelty free Beauty

Make Up Revolution has been a beauty bloggers fave for quite a while. Their make up is pocket money prices and surprisingly good quality. They also bring out lots of new palettes and products on a regular basis so are perfect if you fancy a change or are slowly trying to replace everything in your make up collection with cruelty free items (which is where I am at the moment)
I brought the New-Trals vs Neutrals palette £6.99, the Ultra contour palette £6 and the new Brow dual arch and shape £3  a few weeks ago and have been really impressed with the performance.

The New-Trals vs Naturals pallette is great if like me you tend to prefer natural shades of creams, browns and pinks for your eye shadow. It has a good mix of matte and shimmer shadows and enough variations of colours that you can feasibly use this for all of your daytime looks.
The colours I'm wearing here and which I've tended to favour are Cool on the lid, Adapt on the socket line and Custom on the outer corner.

This is the eyeshadow worn with Urban decay primer potion

I always tend to use an eye-shadow primer and with this brand you probably do need to use one as they are not massively pigmented. The shadow does last all day though without looking too faded or sitting in the eye creases.

This is one sweep per colour-no flash

The Ultra Contour Palette is really good and one of the best contouring kits I've used in ages. 

Contour like a Khardasian without animal testing-hurrah

It includes eight colours for contouring and shaping including two beautiful illuminating baked highlighters which are perfect for adding some highlighter on your cheekbones.

maybe she's born with it, maybe she wears a lorra make up

Unlike a few contour kits I've used on the less expensive end of the market these are quite pigmented so approach with caution.

They do give a lovely non chalky contour though and the illuminating shades are really beautiful and offer a gorgeous shimmer. Perfect if like me you tend to be more "grey and puffy" in the mornings rather than "dewy and rosy"

I'm always on the lookout for good eyebrow products and yet again was super impressed with the Brow dual arch and shape It has a traditional soft pencil at one end and a felt tip pen style marker on the other. This is great if you need to fill in some patchy bits and also want a slightly sharper arced brow than you were born with.
It wears pretty well too, even in warm weather so you don't have to worry about smudging it across your face.
Overall this is a great quality brand which offers cruelty free vegan make up at super affordable prices. My face and the animals thank you.

This weeks cruelty free make up picks

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