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Vegan Party Food Ideas

Earlier in the month it was Babas tenth birthday. As a committed vegan she was very keen that all the party food we offered was vegan but also wanted to make sure her friends had a great time. I knew I needed to come up with some vegan party food ideas.

Offering vegan fare to meat eating folk is never usually a big deal. Vegan food is usually rather tasty and even the biggest carnivore can give their incisors a rest and wolf down some plant based food occasionally.
Kids are different though. Often already incredibly fussy they can sniff out any hint of healthy or unusual from a hundred mile radius. My challenge was to provide a classic birthday party spread which would pass (hopefully) undetected to Babas meat eating friends.
The Cheshire Cat and the White Queen
With a bit of research, help from various vegan online forums and a bit of trial and error I created a lovely meat and dairy free birthday party spread which didn't require days and days of baking. 
Here are the vegan "dupes" I used and the products which were "accidentally vegan" and purposely delicious.

Jam Tarts

As the party had an Alice in Wonderland theme it had to feature jam tarts. Mr Kipling Jam tarts are accidentally vegan so worked an absolute treat.I put Alice in Wonderland cake toppers on them to make them seems slightly more special.

the Queen Of Hearts

Kids absolutely wolf down pizza at parties so I knew I wanted to offer our own plant based version. I was considering buying the free from pizza bases and using a cheese substitute when I came across some black olive and tomato bread ciabattas in the Sainsbury's bakery aisle. These worked really well. I simply baked them, added some extra olives on top and cut them into pizza slices. They were all eaten and no one noticed they didn't contain cheese.
Mini sausages on sticks
I'm not sure what it is with little ones and there love of processed meat but from past experience I know that mini sausages are always a huge hit. At first I really struggled to find a similar tasting substitute as none of the meat free sausages had the right look or consistency. These were one of the few items I had to go to a wholefood shop for. The Tofu wieners were a great dupe and yet again were wolfed down without anyone being the wiser.

Sausage Rolls
Linda mac did well by us on the sausage roll front

Staying on a piggy theme I found the Linda McCartney sausage rolls were a really good replacement for meat ones. Very similar smell and texture. I did have to buy two packs and cut them in half but other than that they were a really easy buffet filler.

Cheese and pineapple on sticks
No party is complete in my book without pineapple and cheese on sticks. Being vegan hasn't swayed me from this view and Violife cheese was a savior. One of the few vegan cheeses that actually tastes quite like cheese (its similar to edam) it worked really well. This isn't a complete dupe and received  a bit of  a mixed response from the kids but it did the job.

Birthday Cake Oreos
Any vegan worth their salt knows that Oreos are dairy free. These little beauties though are birthday cake Oreos which means multi coloured sprinkles inside. Hands down the biggest hit of the day. 

Chocolate Churros
I learnt that Tesco's Chocolate Churros were vegan via the "accidentally vegan" instagram account (brilliant for things like this) These donut batter fingers filled with chocolate and hazelnuts were completely demolished.
Birthday cake

Yes its a vegan birthday cake, yes its amazing

I was really lucky as my best friend Leanne is a really talented cake maker and accepted the challenge to create a vegan birthday cake with an Alice in Wonderland theme. 
Beautiful Leanne with her beautiful cake

Her tips were to bake a classic birthday cake sponge but replace eggs with coconut oil, use almond milk and just double check your icing is vegan (she used Renshaw flower and modelling paste  to mold all the figures ) 
The finished cake was absolutely amazing. It not only looked brilliant but was so tasty. She did us proud. She always does. 

The most adorable group of little girls enjoying their vegan buffet
So the verdict is that you can really easily put together a kids birthday party using only vegan food (loads of these ideas also translate to grown up party buffets too) It didn't feel like there was any compromise on taste, selection or fun and of course providing a beautiful party which didn't harm a single animal was a rather gorgeous thing indeed. 

the Mad hatter, White Queen And Cheshire Cat 

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