Sunday, 26 June 2016

Vegan Cafe Review-The Old Hardware Shop Woolton

During last half term I was idly scrolling through my facebook feed when I saw a photo of the most delicious looking vegan milkshake. Not only did it look like a dream I was informed this vegan beverage unicorn was available just down the road in Woolton at a vege/vegan cafe called The Old Hardware Shop.

Unsurprisingly  a few days later myself and the brown eyed crew made the trip and decided to treat ourselves to a rare junky treat of vegan hotdogs, milkshakes and cake. It was absolutely delicious.
vegan Adventures in Woolton

The Old hardware Shop is nestled in one of the cutest parts of Liverpool. Woolton village is adorable and it seems only fitting that a cafe serving such beautiful food would be in such a setting. The decor is boho chic, mismatched chairs, ethic cushions, folk art on the walls. Its inspiring and comfortable and I loved it.
Nicky looking for the perfect vegan milkshake-think we have found it.

The service was brilliant. Quick, friendly and the staff were more than happy to answer any questions about what was on the menu.
And what a menu it is. The specialty of the house seems to be the hot-dogs but there is an all day breakfast, bagels, subs and lots of homemade cake.

What a fab menu

I tried the peanut butter shake and it was utterly delicious. Really indulgent and creamy with all the trimmings you would want including a bright red cherry on top. 
Hotdogs (minus the animal)

The hot dogs were also spot on. Great vegan frankfurters with onions, mustard, the works. Out of pure greed we ordered a slice of Victoria sponge and that was also yummy (although I felt I may not be able to make the short walk to the car if I finished it)
Yes its vegan, yes it tasted as good as it looks.
If you are looking for a really lovely (and very affordable) vegan cafe The Oldware Shop is definately worth a trip.
Find it at 8 Woolton St, Liverpool L25 5JA

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