Monday, 20 June 2016

Vegan Army Dreamer

Another day another outfit. I found this jacket on the sale rail of my local cancer research charity shop. I love camouflage, which is perhaps odd being that I'm such a pacifist but its all about the design and this desert storm type jacket is perfect for summer. Camouflage jackets seem to be having  a moment, Simply be have a similar one here and having dressed almost entirely from the Army and navy store as a teen its nice to rediscover second hand army duds.

My top is also from a chazza but you can still get it  from New Look here My leggings  and jersey tube skirt are by Simply be.

Having all but stopped wearing black for a few years I am now really enjoying wearing it. Its a brilliant contrast to my hair colour and works as such a good blank slate to put heavy print design jackets or statement jewelry with.

I think I avoided wearing black because I hid behind it for so many years. Convinced it was "slimming" and also keen to not stand out. I now feel comfortable enough in my own skin and style to flip reverse that thinking. I know that wearing black doesn't make me look slimmer,and even if it did, who gives a shit. Fashion is about expression and individuality not trying to create a socially acceptable optical illusion (which lets be honest fools no one) and in the same way that I'm excited to rock bright colours and loud designs I'm also now happy to goth it up when the emo calls.   

When I began this blog as part my body positive journey I felt a strange sort of duty to always wear clothes that defied the critics. Don't misunderstand me I always wore clothes I adored and was very happy flying the flag for women who realised life was too short to lose sleep over their VBO but I feel I have banged that drum enough. I pass the Bodhram on.My work as a plus size acceptance activist will always run through me like words on a stick of rock but I no longer feel the need to be like the fat version of Citizen Smith and be shouting "power to the people" every time I get dressed.

That said I think this outfit would look brilliant with a jaunty army beret.

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Brand New eco Design  over at  Nicky Rockets
Printed on climate neutral, fair trade tees in water based ink. 

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