Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Breton Babe

Today's outfit is such a perfect mix of eco conscious fashion mixed with vegan items and a dash of thrift.

I picked up this striped Breton tee in the Hennes sale. Its part of their conscious range and cost a whopping £3.99. I've already discussed H & Ms sizing but this is a classic example of how odd it can be. This is a size medium tee, which in other ranges wouldn't fit over my head. At the same shopping trip I also tried on some size 20 trousers and they wouldn't zip up, the moral of the tale, there are gems to be found but they need trying on.

I've worn this with a faux leather skirt from Asos Curve. If you are actively trying to eat/wear less animal products, items like this are great. Looks like leather without the need for moo.

My bag was from a charity shop-it was originally by Cosmopolitan which isn't a brand I'm familiar with and is no doubt several seasons old-you can buy similar here -it matches my Sketchers trainers brilliantly. 

I've fallen in love with simplicity of  a Breton top and low key basics recently. When you have bright pink hair its really nice to contrast with a monochrome palette. Mind you my trainers and bag have stepped in and stopped it all looking too safe. Well I still need some bad taste thrown in there.

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Printed on climate neutral, fair trade tees in water based ink. 

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