Sunday, 15 May 2016

Plus Size Thrifted Fashion

Its been absolutely glorious here in West Kirby which has given me a great opportunity to wear my latest plus size charity shop finds

I brought this black lace trimmed blouse from Cancer Research a few weeks ago. It was £3.50 and part of a buy one, get one free offer. I love the see through sleeves and lace detailing on the neckline.

I've been after a denim skirt for a while and picked this one up from ebay which if you struggle to find second hand clothes in your size in your local charity shops is an absolute godsend. I'm finding a mix of charity shops, ethical brands and ebay are really helping feed my love of new clothes without too many sleepiness nights about the ethics of it all-its a great feeling and so far the results have been great.

My pink skull bag was from the local hospice shop in West Kirby. I spied it in the window one night but it was shut-Nicky and Baba went and brought it for me the next day as I was unable to visit. So pleased with it-only a fiver and it matches my hair.

My leggings are new, I brought these from PeopleTree and they are actually their yoga leggings.

As much as I felt a bit stressed about how I could balance my desire to be more ethically conscious with my love of putting together new looks I feel now I am in the swing of it and I'm having so much fun. Of course being plus size there will always be times when I will need to buy new but so far its not been a problem. Also when your entire outfit costs less than a single item new you feel perfectly justified treating yourself to a big book splurge and lunch.

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