Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser OZ Naturals

As a self confessed beauty product junkie I am always on the hunt for cruelty free skin care products which also deliver on performance and price. Today I have one that ticks all my beauty boxes and then some.

Now the weather has become a little warmer I've been finding that I need to take extra care when cleansing my face to remove all traces of make up as otherwise I get a few blocked pores. 
I was sent this Ocean mineral cleanser to review last month and it was perfect timing. 
Made by Oz Naturals this  product contains rosehip, Vitamin E and Borage oil all of which combined have left my skins feeling rather good indeed.
Not only that it also contains a concentrate of 92+ ocean minerals. These ocean minerals are said to help nourish and repair dry skin, blemishes, and rough, damaged skin while botanicals help to soothe and refresh. Importantly for me this is also  Cruelty Free. Vegan. Gluten Free and has no Alcohol, Parabens or Sulfates. Don't you love it when high performing products contain nothing but good stuff.
Oz Naturals-Cruelty Free skincare
The cleanser has a gel like consistency and you simply need to massage a pea size amount into your face with water. I found it removed all traces of make up and left my skin feeling very soft.What I particularly liked was that it wasn't greasy in the least so if you are someone who suffers from slightly greasy or spotty skin I could imagine this would work well. I have normal/combination skin and it was a good match.
Looks-wise as you can see the packaging feels very smart and looks rather swish on your bathroom shelf and you get a generous 118 ml (and a little goes a long way)

Good looking packaging for a very good product

My only disappointment is that it didn't smell of anything, I know, a silly thing to moan about when the product is so good but a hint of rosehip would have been nice.
Other than that this is a great everyday cleanser and at just over £16 is incredible value for what feels like a very luxurious product. 

*I never lie to you dear readers-I was gifted this item for review but my opinions are my own.

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