Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Hennes Conscious Collection-Ethical Plus Size Fashion

Finding ethically produced fashion in my size is always exciting. I stumbled on the Hennes Conscious Collection via a recommendation from an eco fashion directory and ordered a few items.  Its not a massive range but if you are after some cute clothes,created in a way which has less of a negative impact on the planet (and the workers making them) its definitely worth a look

Cute and ethically conscious-nicely played H and M

Hennes state that the clothes from this collection are produced in factories which pay at least minimum wage and are created from organic cotton. The price point is not much more than anywhere else, in fact this dress is a very affordable £12.99.

Brit Pop Babe

This Pique dress is playing to all my Brit pop sensibilities. I feel like I should be in a Pulp video and that is rather excellent indeed. With its neat little collar it has a slightly Fred Perry air about it which is perfect for summer. 
Lengthwise its plenty long enough and is nicely shaped, so is baggy without feeling tent like.

I want to live with Common people

The Conscious collection only goes up to a size 20 which is a real shame and frustratingly a lot of it ends at a size 16 (including a beautiful denim play-suit which I would have adored) I would love to see them extend this range.Here is hoping if more people buy the bigger sizes of these kind of collections they will get the hint. 
This dress is true to size and is actually quite generous, so if you are between a 20/22 could also work.  Be warned I ordered some trousers from the same collection and they were so undersized I couldn't get them up my legs,but the dresses and tops seem grand.

Cool Fat fashion With A Low Climate Impact-Treading Gently On The planet with My Chubby Little Feet

Keeping with the Brit pop theme I've worn my Adidas originals  and my fave cross body bag 
Inspired by the Wear it thirty times project I have already worn this out a lot and its washing and wearing very well.I have a few other pieces from this range which I will be sure to bring to you soon.

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