Sunday, 8 May 2016

Creative Thinking For Eco Cool Plus Size Fashion

Over the last few months I have been trying to find less environmentally hostile ways, to feed my love of fashion. The textile industry is one of the second biggest planet polluters next to oil and often clothes are made in sweatshops by children. Does this mean we can't still love following trends and getting our fashion fixes? I don't think so.  Instead I think we simply need to balance our new purchases out with eco friendly brands and second hand finds. Its actually surprisingly fun and often slightly cheaper. What's not to love?

This entire outfit is thrifted
This outfit, although quite simple is I hope, a good example of how with a little patience you can put together a great look without automatically hitting the high street. 
I have been wanting a black pinafore for a while but sadly none of the more eco fashion brands stocked anything like this in my size. Undeterred and because thrifted finds are a great way to ease the pressure of fast fashion, I  took to good old ebay and hit the jackpot quite quickly. This dress cost me only £20 and fits brilliantly.

My Nicky Rockets Unicorn patch s the perfect finishing touch to this dress.

I seem to want to channel a mime artist at the moment so was also after a black and white teeshirt. I picked this one up in my local charity shop for £3 and cut the sleeves off. 

I wanted to personalise my dress so sewed on one our new Nicky Rockets Unicorn patches on the front pocket. I love how this has made it totally unique to me.

I am hoping  to bring more of my fast fashion looks using planet friendly shopping moves to the blog. Let me know if this interests you. 
I realise my posts have been a bit infrequent recently-Life is busy but I promise I will start doing at least one a week from now on.

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