Monday, 23 May 2016

Blue-songs are like tattoos

Today I'm bringing you another outfit which was sourced at my local charity shop. Yet again the Cancer Research chazza has done me proud. Since turning to the pink side I've been looking for clothes which clash in the best possible way with my hair and this tunic dress is perfect.

Its a last season Florence and Fred number but Simply be do a similar one here I love how the bold geometric print of this dress does all the talking. The shape and design are really simple and it needs no accessories. The colours are enough.

My bag is by Asos last year and is showing as out of stock but this is fairly similar over at Banned. I'm really loving across the body bags this spring. The quirkier the better. Bags are actually surprisingly plentiful in second hand shops and if you struggle to find clothes in your size (I realise some of them still dont stock loads over a size 22) then its a great way to enjoy "new to you" fashion. 

I'm still really enjoying mixing thrifted finds with new items and its definitely changed the way I put outfits together. Rather than simply rushing to buy the latest thing new I'm actually looking to see if I can buy something similar second hand. The results are really unique and exciting. 

I was worried when I started this journey of conscious fashion that I would feel out of step, unable to enjoy trends or immerse myself in the thrill of the new outfit. Its actually the opposite and I'm loving clothes more than ever. I had grown quite jaded about certain elements of plus size fashion blogging and I definitely feel that I have turned a corner. I have realised that all fashion blogging is really about is sharing looks and inspiration. In its purest form its an exchange of ideas. Which is rather wonderful indeed.

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