Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Glastonbury Vibes

Its spring break for Babas school so we decided to pack up the car and head to Glastonbury for a few days. We have never visited before but lured by the promise of amazing countryside, fairy folk ruins and good vegan restaurants we decided to head for the hippy trail.
We may be keen to sample the spiritual side of life but it doesn't extend to camping and we checked into a Premier inn only ten minutes away from the town centre. It was like every other Premier Inn, clean, nice staff, good Wi-fi. They rock.
As soon as we arrived we headed out to explore the town. Glastonbury is a beautiful old place, full of healing centres, shops selling crystals and pretty cafes. 
Just hanging with this cool guy

We were starving so ate a late lunch/early tea at the Hundred Monkeys Cafe which was one of the places recommended in our vegan food guide. We actually ended up eating there twice.

The first time it was passable, a chickpea burger and salad, the second time was breakfast which was far better but each time the service was very laid back so my advice don't go there if you are very hungry or in a hurry.

Me and my girl at the Lionshead Well

The main reason for our visit was to visit The Challice Well. One of Britain's most ancient wells, nestling in the Vale of Avalon between the famous Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill.  it is a living sanctuary. For over two thousand years this has been a place where people have gathered to drink the waters and find solace, peace and inspiration. 

The Wellhead
It seemed like the perfect place to do a family pilgrimage to. We are all entering a new stage in our own healing following Nickys illness last July and have a lot to be thankful for so how better to celebrate than drinking some dubious water in a garden-we know how to party.

There weren't any dragons down there-we did check

The Well was quite lovely, very peaceful, except for glorious birdsong. There are three wells and we drank from the lions head well and waded in the water of the heeling pool (which was freezing)

Paddling in the healing waters

Nicky taking in the very cold heeling waters
The healing pool

We also sat at the Wellhead and just enjoyed listening to the birds and being together as a family. It was lovely.

Lighting  a candle to the Goddess

Taking in the Tor

After that we decided to climb up Glastonbury TorGlastonbury Tor is known as being one of the most spiritual sites in the country. The Celts called it Ynys Witrin, or the Isle of Glass, and believed it was a gateway to the underworld. Later legend has it that the Tor is the Island of Avalon, burial site of King Arthur.The Tor has also been significant in Goddess worship, with the flow from the Chalice Well representing menstrual flow and the Tor being seen as either a breast or the whole figure of the Goddess. 

Trying not to be blown away on the Tor

Its quite a steep walk to the Tor and it was very, very windy but somehow we made it to the top and it was definitely worth it. 

Scream if you want to go faster
That blew away the cobwebs

The energy up there is amazing (its supercharged with lay line goodness apparently and it had a lot of fizz in the air) We weren't sure if we felt any fairy folk but there was definitely something ancient and magical up there.

Tasty vegan food at the rainbows end

After a breezy amble back down we headed back into Glastonbury town and had lunch at Rainbows End, a vegan/vegetarian cafe which had come highly recommended. It was amazing. Super tasty and very affordable if you are a non meat eater and in Glasto make sure you visit.
It was a wonderful few days, we have returned recharged, chilled out and eager to return. Glastonbury seemed to welcome us with joss stick scented open arms and we very much enjoyed its folksy cuddle.

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